Vibrational Healing through the Sense of Touch, Part 2

Exercise 3

Our hands can easily sense energy changes and differences. When we touch someone or shake their hand, we get definite impressions about them. Our sense of touch helps us to attune to that individuals energy.

One if the most effective ways of developing and testing your hand sensitivity is through the use of color flashcards. We now will use colors to increase our sensitivity. Every color is an expression of energy and had its own unique qualities and characteristics.

1. Take a set of 3×5 index cards and on one side color it, using a marker, crayon, etc. Use one card for each color. On the other side, you can list some of the qualities if the color. Begin with just the rainbow colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

2. Relax the mind. Perform a progressive relaxation. Take a moment to study the cards singly. Focus on the color, and then read the characteristics to yourself.

3. With eyes closed, shuffle and mix the colored cards. Make sure that the colored surface of the cards are facing upward. Pull one from the set, and hold either one or both hands over it. Stay relaxed. Allow your hand to do the sending. Does it have a warm feel or a cool feel? If warm, it is in the red and orange spectrum. If cool, it is in the blue spectrum.

4. What else do you feel or sense as you hold your hand over the colored card? Do you think you know what color it may be? Is there any kind of tingling? Do you notice anything in any particular part of your body? Pay attention to every impression, no matter how odd it may seem. These little details will eventually help you in becoming more knowledgeable of the color and it’s possible effects and applications.

5. With practice you will be able to identify color by its feel. You are working with subtle vibrational energies. You are working to develop your sensitivity to the subtle energy fields surrounding you. As we learn to radiate energy through our hands, we can change temperature through projecting color, red to warm, blue to cool.

Exercise 4

Increasing Your Ability to Project Energy:

Through this exercise we learn that we can project energies through our hands. All energy follows thought. Where we put our thoughts, that is where our energy goes. ****If we focus on a color, the energy emanations from the body begin to change to a frequency that resonates with that color.

For this exercise you will need an everyday, outdoor thermometer.

1. Begin by taking a few moments to relax and focus your thoughts.

2. Bring your attention to your hands and rub them briskly together for fifteen to thirty seconds. This activated the chakras and increases their sensitivity.

3. Now take the thermometer and place it between your hands. You may either hold it in your hands or place it so that your hands are two to three inches from both sides of it.

4. Begin slow, rhythmic breathing. As you breathe slowly in, see and feel your body filling with a bright, warm red energy. Try to imagine it as fire. Visualize it gathering in your hands. As you exhale, see and feel this hot energy pouring out of your hands toward the thermometer. Visualize, imagine, sense and project. Imagine it ad red heat that streams from your hands to impact upon the thermometer. Continue this for three to five minutes. See how much you can raise the temperature of the thermometer.

5. Draw your hands away and visualize them and your body returning to normal. Allow the thermometer to return to room temperature as well.

6. Now begin your rhythmic breathing again. As you inhale, see and feel yourself filling with a cool, icy blue energy. See it gathering at your hands. As you exhale, visualize this icy blue energy streaming forth from them to impact upon the thermometer. Imagine, see, and feel your hands sending streams of icy energy like a cold North wind. See how much you can lower the temperature in three to five minutes.

7. Have fun with this exercise, and practice it frequently. This shows you concretely that you can direct and alter the energy emanations from your hands by your thoughts. You are learning to project energy vibrations of caring frequencies.


Vibrational Healing through the Sense of Touch, Part 1

Thought Creates. Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life  March 11, 2018 7 Minutes

Most people are ignorant of their bodies as an energy system. We can develop the ability to experience the more subtle energies of life tangibly. We can learn to recognize that our energies do not stop at skin level. Our hands are points in the body with greater sensitivity. We can develop this sensitivity to feel subtle energy emanations from the body, as well as to project them in into the body. It a method of using the hands to direct energies, human and spiritual, to help heal.

Through our hands we learn to sense energy imbalances around and in the body and to project vibrations to help restore balance. We learn to use our hands as a catalyst to stimulate the other individual unto healing himself.

This form of vibrational healing is most effective for Alleviating pain and aches and for general relaxation. If you bump your elbow or scrape your knee, what is usually the first thing you do? Place a hand on it and hold it. It helps alleviate the discomfort. Our hands are natural tools for healing, and everyone has the ability to develop it even further.

When it comes to healing through such a subtle technique, we are often dealing with a person’s belief system. Regardless of tangible results or scientific verification, if a belief is held that no such thing is possible, the task of opening to its realization can be difficult.

Persistence is the key. We must begin to stretch those unused abilities slowly and persistently. If you persist, you will succeed. You are initiating a process that will enable you to know yourself and others more intimately.

To enhance your development, practice with a partner, so that you can get objective feedback. Also learn the ability of relaxed concentration. Trying too hard can block your progress. Learn to meditate and relax the body before the exercises. Perform a short, progressive relaxation. Take a few moments, close your eyes, and breathe deeply from the diaphragm. Focus on each part of your body individually, starting at your feet and working your way to the top of your head. Mentally send warm, relaxing feelings into that area of your body. See it, feel it, imagine it.

The more relaxed you are, the better your concentration will be. The more relaxed you are, the more sensitive you become to the subtle energies you are encountering and working with. Relaxation creates a hyperaesthetic condition. You become hyper-sensitive.

When we are relaxed, in an altered state of consciousness, we experience outside energies more intensely. A phone ringing will seem louder. Smells are stronger. Light and colors are brighter. Touch is more sensitive. Because of this, relaxation assists us in perceiving and directing energies with the hands more effectively.

Exercise 1.

Feeling and experiencing our subtle energies:

This exercise can be done by yourself, or with a friend.

1. Begin by taking a seated position and performing a general, progressive relaxation.

2. Rub the palms of the hands together briskly for about fifteen to thirty seconds. Our hands are strong points of sensitivity and we do have minor Chakra centers in them. This rubbing helps Stimulate the chakras in the hands, increasing their overall sensitivity.

3. Extend your hands about a foot to a foot and a half in front of you, the palms facing each other. Hold the hands about two feet apart.

4. Slowly move the hands toward each other. Bring them as close to each other as you can without touching them.

5. Draw them slowly back to about six inches apart. Repeat this slow, in and out movement. Keep your movements slow, steady, and deliberate.

6. As you perform this exercise, pay attention to what your hands are feeling or sensing. You may experience a feeling of pressure building. There may be other sensations. There can be a sense of rubberiness, if tickling, or of a thickness building between the hands. You may experience warmth or coolness. You may even experience a pulsating sensation.

7. Take a few minutes to try and define what you are feeling. Do not worry about whether you are imagining it or not. Do not worry that it may feel different than what others experience. Remember we each have our own unique energy system, and so we each may experience the sensation differently. You are working to develop your own subtle perceptions.

8. Thus exercise assists in developing concentration. It also assists in helping you to recognize that our energy fields do not stop at skin level. You may wish to record in a notebook your impressions and experiences with this exercise, so that you can compare it later with what you experience as you develop further. This will help you to recognize your progress in experiencing subtle energies.

9. The in and out movement of the hands causes the energy surrounding them to accumulate between them, making it more perceptible to us. The hands are becoming more sensitive to the subtle energies. As the hands become more sensitive, we can use them to detect the auric energies emanating from other parts of the body as well. These detections may feel like heat, pressure, tingling, or a thickness building between the hands. You may experience warmth or coolness,  or a pulsating sensation. You should be able to feel it. If you cannot, slowly repeat the exercise. We are reawakening our ability to be consciously aware of the subtle energies around us.

Exercise 2

Sending and feeling energy patterns:

All energy follows thought. Where ever our thoughts are focused, so are our energy patterns. Our energy adjusts itself in accordance with our thoughts. We go through a wide variety of thoughts and emotions on a daily basis, and those we are repeatedly exposed to or expressing will affect our energies. Exposure to outside energies also can impinge upon our energy fields and affect overall balance. These energies can be anything from anger and lust, to pressure to buy. They can be energies of warmth and friendship, or those of manipulation. The more sensitive we become to our energy fields, the more we can recognize and control what is allowed to affect them.

This exercise works to increase our awareness of how outside energies can impact us. As we increase our sensitivity, we can learn to block the negative and restore healthy energy patterns. We can learn to heal.

1. Make yourself comfortable in a seated position. Take a few minutes to relax. You may wish to keep your eyes closed, but it is not necessary.

2. Hold one hand palm up. Point the index finger of your other hand into the palm of the first. The finger should be three to six inches away from the other hand.

3. Take slow, deep breaths. As you breathe in and out, imagine the energy building and accumulating in the hand with the pointed index finger.

4. After several minutes of this, slowly begin to rotate your index finger in a small circle. Visualize a stream of energy spiralling out from the index finger to create a circle of energy that touches the palm of the open hand. Don’t worry about whether you are imagining it or not, as

we are working to prove that energy does follow thought.

5. Pay attention to what you feel within the palm of the hand. The feeling may vary from person to person. You may feel a circle of warmth forming. A thickness, a pressure, or a tingling in the form of a small circle within the palm of the hand may also be experienced. Sometimes closing your eyes at this point can help you feel the sensation more strongly. ***The more you project and focus the energy with your mind, the stringer the sensation will become.

6. Having worked with the palm of the hand, next perform this exercise upon a naked forearm. Visualize and send the energy out through the finger in spirals of energy to impact upon the forearm. Pay attention to what you feel. With time and practice the kind of sensation you experience will remain much the same, but it’s intensity will increase. Through exercises you begin to train yourself to recognize those feelings which let you know when something is impacting upon your energy field.

7. A powerful variation of this can be practicing with a partner. It is especially important for when we begin to use etheric touch in healing. Have the other person stand with their back to you. Hold your hand (s) about six to twelve inches from your partner’s back, palm open and facing the back.

Begin slow, rhythmic breathing. As you breathe in, feel the energy being drawn through your body and into the hand(s). As you breathe out, visualize and imagine the energy pouring through your hand(s) to the back of your partner. Slowly move the hand(s) in a simple geometric pattern, a circle, a square, a triangle, etc. Draw this energy pattern on your partner’s back with the energy you are directing through your hand(s). Know in your mind that it is being felt by the individual.

Concentrate as you project the energies. Sometimes visualizing the stream of energy as a warm red light will help the partner to sense it more tangibly. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

8. Have your partner try and identify the energy shape being drawn upon them. Pay attention to what they describe and experience. Compare it to what you discovered through the other exercises. What are the similarities? What are the differences? What can you do, or did you do, to make the feelings more intense and identifiable? Switch places and allow your partner to draw patterns on you. Compare the similarities and differences.

9. Gradually increase the distance. How far can you stand from your partner and still experience the energy pattern? Does it feel differently when the distances are extended? Pay attention to the responses. This increases your overall sensitivity to subtle energies and their effects upon you.

10. Experiment with this. Visualize colors streaming from your hands or fingers. Which colors are experienced more distinctly? Place different fragrances on your hands. Are the experiences intensified?  What happens when you tone and visualize the tone vibrations flowing through your hands? Learn which methods can be used by you personally to amplify your sensitivity to subtle energies and your ability to direct them consciously.


Simple Color Therapies

Identifying the color needed can be the easiest part if color therapy. Learning the methods of application, the length of application, and the right color combinations can be confusing, especially when it varies from individual to individual. The length of application will vary, depending upon the condition and the problem. Trust your own Intuition and judgment, along with feedback from the individual. Start with 5 to 10 minutes of a color at a time. This is almost always sufficient. For some, you may need to apply the color therapy over several sessions, either in the course of a day, a week, or linger. Be flexible.

As to the method of application, this will also vary. There are many methods of applying colors. We will focus on four color application techniques that can be used effectively.

1. Rainbow Visualization Technique:

There are many variations for this exercise, so do not be afraid to adapt it. It is beneficial to do periodically, even daily. It is strengthening and healing to all systems and energies if the body physically and spiritually.

1. Begin by taking a comfortable position, sitting or standing, whichever is more comfortable for you. Close your eyes and take three slow, deep breaths. When you exhale, see and feel all tension leaving the body.

2. Now in your mind’s eye, visualize a rainbow that is arching over your head in the sky above. Now visualize a ball of red light spinning out of that rainbow down to the top of your head and into your body. Imagine it descending and spinning out vibrant red energy that touches and heals every part of your body.

3. Concentrate on this glowing crystalline energy. Allow it to spin down to your feet, filling you with its radiations. Then you can see yourself in that color. As it reaches your feet the ball of red light dissipates, and the red energy it left within you us absorbed by your body. As the last of the color is absorbed by the body, visualize an orange crystalline ball emanating from that rainbow overhead. Imagine it spinning down into your body, filling you in turn with vibrant orange energy from head to toe. As the ball of light reaches your feet, it dissipates, and the orange energy is absorbed into your body.

4. Continue this process with each of the remaining rainbow hues-yellow, green, blue, indigo, and Violet. In turn you fill the body with each color of the rainbow and allow it to be absorbed. As the last of the violet is absorbed into the body, see yourself shining with vibrant vitality and energy. See yourself balanced and healed. Then imagine the rainbow above you beginning to move, drawing down until it encircles you to becoming a permanent rainbow of protection and health surrounding your body. Know that each time you perform this exercise the rainbow will grow stronger within you and around you. You will become more vibrant, healthy, and energized.

2. Applying Color Through Etheric Touch Technique

We can send energy through our hands, we can more effectively direct it by focusing and imaging a particular color of energy. Once you have determined the color necessary for the condition, the process of projecting it is simple.

1. Relax and center yourself.

2. Begin rhythmic breathing. As you do, visualize energy filling your body and gathering at your hands. Visualize this initially as a pure, crystalline white energy.

3. Project this energy throughout the individuals body, to strengthen all systems, as you learned to do earlier.

4. Now pause briefly and shift your concentration to that if the healing color needed specifically for the individuals condition. As you continue your breathing, see and feel yourself filling with this energy.

5. As you inhale, draw this energy into you, and as you exhale visualize thus energy streaming forth in the color you are focusing on. All energy follows thought. When we focus upon a specific color, the energy we project through etheric touch takes on the frequency of that color.

6. Continue till you feel this problem is being balanced and healed. Then pause again and project through your hands that same pure crystalline white energy you used in the beginning. Thus will further strengthen the healing color you projected and further stabilize the body’s health.

Healing Headaches: This is one of the most common ailments and one of the easiest to eliminate through color. Mist headaches are the result of an over stimulation of the brow or crown Chakra. This overactivity creates an “inflamed” kind of condition. Cooling these centers down serves to alleviate the problem most of the time.

Using etheric touch and the color of a soft, cool blue or a Blue-Green combination. For deeper pains, such as with migraines, projecting indigo can be effective. Take a few moments and relax yourself. Begin sliw, comfortable, rhythmic breathing. As you breathe in, feel the universal blue energy drawing into your body and moving toward your hands.

Have the individual with the headache take a seated position in front of you. Instruct him to just close the eyes and relax. Place your hands 2-3 inches to the front and back of the individuals head.

Continue your breathing. Now as you exhale, see and feel this cool, blue energy streaming forth from your hands. Visualize it surrounding and permeating the head of the individual. Visualize it calming, soothing, and balancing the pain. Sometimes it helps to visualize the blue as a colored aspirin.

You may wish to move your hands to the sides of the head as well. The temple areas are often points at which energy blockage occurs, aggravating the headaches. Continue this for 3-5 minutes. Noticeable results rarely take any longer.

All energy follows thought. As we concentrate the mind in a particular color, that signal is sent to the energy being projected from the hands. The color we focus on determined the vibration of that projection. We can thus use our hands to heal or alleviate conditions through simple touch.

Proper Rhythmic Breathing: Inhale through the nose for a specified count. Hold the breath for the same count, and then exhale out the mouth for the count. You should be able to feel the diaphragm expand with each breath.

3. Color Breathing

Proper breathing should always involve the diaphragm. Place your hands gently upon your navel. Inhale deeply. Do your hands move outward? Exhale slowly. Do your hands move back in? If so, you are breathing properly. Many people only breathe from the upper chest.

Perform color breathing, especially outdoors or by an open window, is a powerfully effective form of healing.**** Air is turned into energy within the body. The frequency and strength of that energy is largely determined by our thoughts. Breathing different colors assists us with various health factors.

1. Make yourself comfortable. A seated position may be more comfortable, but make sure the spine is erect. Place the tip of the tongue against the roof of the mouth, just behind the front teeth, to link the conception and governing meridians.

2. Inhale slowly through the nostrils for a count of 5 or 6. Then hold that breath for a count of 10 to 12. Then exhale slowly through the mouth for a count of 5 to 6. Establish a slow, comfortable, breathing rhythm.

3. Now as you breathe in, see and feel the air as a particular color. See and feel it filling your entire body. See and feel this color growing stronger within you with each breath. Visualize it balancing and healing whatever condition you wish to correct. Breathing this color for 5 to 10 minutes can have wonderful effects.

4. If unsure as to the color, breathe in pure crystalline white light. You may also simply use the seven colors of the rainbow, balancing the chakras and energizing your overall system. Different colors, even when breathed, will elicit different effects:

Red Breath: Energizing and warming. Helps with colds and sinuses. Drying to mucous membranes. Strengthening to overall energy levels. This can be a quick fix to alleviate cold and flu symptoms.

Pink Breath:  Beneficial to all skin conditions. Good for puffiness. Eases anger and feelings of loneliness. It can be used to sooth most emotional and mental conditions.

Orange Breath: Balances the emotions. Healing to muscular conditions. Can help ease some respiratory problems. Awakens creativity. Restores joy for life. Orange and pink combinations ( peach color) is especially good for the muscles of the body. Peach breaths can also strengthen us so that we are less likely to be affected by uncomfortable environments.

Yellow Breath: Assists us in learning and assimilating information more easily and quickly. Eases indigestion and gas. The gold shade of yellow is an overall healing color and is beneficial in breath work for inner head problems.

Green Breath: Eases nervous conditions. Awakens greater sense of prosperity. Pale green breaths are good for improving vision and for Overcoming bad habits. It is soothing and cooling to most systems, but it should not be used for cancerous or tumorous conditions.

Blue Breath: Calming and soothing. Eases respiratory difficulty. Awakens artistic talents. Is generally healing for all children. Children with respiratory problems can benefit greatly by being taught to perform blue breathing.

Dark Blue Breath: Accelerates healing and mending after surgery. Helps heal bones (especially a teal blue) when combined with a tinge of green. Helps to open Intuition. It can have a strengthening effect upon the endocrine system.

Turquoise Breath: Eases respiratory conditions. Is good for arthritis. Can be combined with pink to assist in overcoming bad eating habits. It along with the blue breath should be taught to children who have asthmatic or respiratory problems.

Violet Breath: Beneficial to skeletal and nervous systems. Purifying to the body. Helps detoxify. Awakens spiritual attunement. The violet breath can help align the physical and mental aspects of the human energy system.

Purple Breath: Helpful in detoxifying the body. Helps overcome strong obsessions and negative feelings. Most effective when combined with white. It can be used to alleviate conditions of infection and flu temporarily.

****As you work with controlling the breath and activating color energies through it, you can easily transfer the healing to another person. You can transmit color healing by breathing upon the individual.

1. Determine the color most appropriate for the condition.

2. Have the individual recline.

3. Locate the troubled area.

4. Gently lay a colored cloth swatch of the appropriate color upon the area.

5. Gently hold it in place and begin rhythmic breathing to increase your own energy flow.

6. See and feel yourself filling with the color vibration.

7. Lean forward, bringing your mouth closed to the cloth swatch. As you exhale, breathe strongly upon it. See and feel your colored breath energy penetrating the body and restoring balance. The warmth of the breath serves as a catalyst to activate the color vibrations.

8. Continue this breathing for several minutes, or until you are aware of balance being restored. This method of breathing color into another is very effective in easing and alleviating pain. It is quite effective for headaches, cramps, and nerve problems. This healing can also be effective by breathing the color into the appropriate Chakra center

4. Color Therapy for the Chakras Technique

The ancient masters taught their students to be ever watchful. This meant paying attention to the various emotions and attitudes they were exposed to or experienced throughout the day. As they did this, they could then determine which Chakra(s) was most likely to be unbalanced. They would then take extra time at the end of the day to balance these centers. Thus the imbalance did not get a chance to accumulate, ultimately creating or aggravating an actual physical problem.

Using the guidelines given earlier on the chakras, a list of the emotions and mental attitudes that can cause or reflect and imbalance within that particular center was given. As determined through our own self evaluation we can know the Chakra(s) most likely to have been adversely affected, and we can take measures to correct them. Color therapy is simple and effective in this process.

We can use colors upon ourselves to balance and strengthen the chakras on a daily basis. One way of accomplishing this is through color breathing. Another, is through making colored slides and sitting in front of a slide projector while the color is being projected upon us.

One of the easiest ways to do this is with simple colored fabric swatches. They can be small felt fabric, cloth squares, of the rainbow colors. These can be used to balance the seven chakras.

1. Make sure you will be undisturbed for about 15 to 20 minutes.

2. Lie down on your back on the floor or on your bed. Have 7 cloth swatches with you (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet).

3. Close your eyes and relax. Take several slow, deep breaths. As you begin to relax, look back over the day’s events, in reverse order. Start with the moment you laid down and review the day backwards until the moment you woke up. By looking over the day in reverse order, we concentrate more, and we are less likely to overlook events and situations.

4.:Note the major emotions and attitudes that you experienced or were exposed to in other people. What chakras were most likely to have been affected by them?

5. When you have completed this evaluation, take the color swatches for the Chakra(s) you have identified, and last them on the part of the body associated with the Chakra.

6. As you lie there, with the color swatch upon your Chakra point, visualize the color being absorbed and drawn through the Chakra and into the body. Know that as you lie there the Chakra is being balanced, along with all organs and systems of the body associated with it. Take several deep breaths, focusing on drawing the color through the swatch into the Chakra and restoring balance. Continue this for 3 to 5 minutes, or until you feel it is balanced.

7. Now repeat this with any other Chakra you have determined may be out of balance.

8. Now place all 7 color swatches upon the Chakra points of the body. Breathe deeply and simply allow your body to absorb the rainbow energies. Know that as you lie there each Chakra is being strengthened, balanced, and harmonized with the others. Know that your entire energy system is strengthening. Feel yourself coming into complete balance. Know that all of the physiological aspects of your body are being balanced and healed as you absorb these colors through your Chakra centers. Leave the swatches on for 5 to 10 minutes or until you feel yourself fully balanced, charged and aligned.


The Meaning and Power of Color

Color is joyful and it affects us on multiple levels. Every color has the ability to touch us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Some colors are warm, some are cool. Some soothe and others stimulate.

It is through vision that most people experience the essence of color, although some feel colors more dramatically and even others hear the subtle expressions of light that we call color.

Everyone is affected by colors, often more than they realize. Color permeates our language, our culture, and our health. We use colors to describe our physical well-being, our emotions, our attitudes, and our spiritual experiences. No one is neutral when it comes to colors. There are some colors we like more than others, and there are some we do not like at all.  We are drawn to clothes with those colors that we most need at the time. It all depends on our current state of mind. We are drawn to those colors that we need. Often our responses are instinctive, but with practice we can become more conscious of the effects of color, physiologically or spiritually.

What is your favorite color?

How do you feel when you wear that color, as opposed to other colors?

Which colors always seem to strike you more strongly?

Are there colors you do not like to wear?

Are there colors that you do not like?

Keeping a color diary for a month or so can be very enlightening. Each day make a list of what colors you wore that day. At the end of the day, evaluate the day’s activities. Try to wear the same colors at least two to three different times during the month. Then at the end of the month compare how the days went.

We’re there certain days that were more productive? Hectic? Energizing? Depleting? What colors were you wearing on those days? We’re there certain colors that you desired to wear more frequently?

The more you understand about color and light, the more you will begin to realize it’s subtle effects upon your life, from the clothes that you wear, to the color of your office, to the color if your car, and more.

Color is a property of light. When light is broken down into different wave lengths or frequencies, we end up with different colors. Every color, every frequency of light has its own characteristics and thus has a capacity of affecting different energies of the human essence. Some colors, because they are of a higher frequency of the light wave, can affect the higher frequencies of the brain. Other colors, because they are of a lower frequency, can affect those systems or energies if the physical body which operates within it. The following chart gives an abbreviated look at the way certain light frequencies act upon our energy system, physically and otherwise:


Restful =  Green, Light Blue

Revitalizing = Orange

Stimulating = Red


Restful =  Sky Blue, Turquoise

Revitalizing = Peach

Stimulating = Orange


Restful = Indigo

Revitalizing = Emerald Green

Stimulating = Yellow


Restful = Blue

Revitalizing = Gold

Stimulating = Violet, Purple

Color is a concentration of a certain light frequency. It can be stimulating or depressing, constructive or destructive, it can be repelling or attractive. Each color has its own unique effects and can be used for healing and balancing, as well as for stimulating deeper levels of Consciousness.

Working with colors in healing involves two steps. First, you must understand the individual properties of each color. Second you must learn specific techniques to project and absorb color.

To use color as a vibrational healing modality, you must become more color sensitive and knowledgeable. This will make it easier to heal and balance with them.

To Develop Greater Sensitivity:

In essence this means start exploring all the various shades of color. Go to a store and buy a 64 pack of Crayola Crayons. Also there are colored pencils or markers available.

Play with them. Draw with them. Color with them. Don’t hold to the natural colors of objects. Make things whatever color you desire, even multiple colors. As you do, pay attention to how you feel as you color. Which colors do you like the best? Have fun with this. Colors awaken a newfound sense of joy. You will be surprised how easy it is to slip into the coloring mode and lose track of time.

Create your own color wheel of at least 12 colors. Do not color them in any particular order. You will find as you go along if that you can easily recognize which colours seem to go better together. You are simply becoming more color aware. Because this exercise employs so many colors, it also has other wonderful benefits. It will balance out your system and relax you. It restores balance to the chakras and to the subtle energy flows of the body, mind, and Spirit. Pay attention to your body, your emotions, and your mental states before, during, and after. You will be surprised at the effects.

The Meaning Of Colors

Here are color characteristics to help you begin your own work with color therapy. These are guidelines only. You will discover that certain shades are more effective than others. Certain colors may not work at all in regard to the individuals condition. Everyone’s energy system us unique unto itself.

In cases such as these, a little experimentation and a following of your own Intuition will help you discover the best colors and combinations of colors for the most beneficial results. Colors and their application must always be adapted to the individual.

When learning to apply the colors, keep in mind that the body and iuts chakras needs all colors. The chakras often have a specific association with a particular color. This indicates that the Chakra center may require a predominance of that color, but each Chakra does need every color periodically. Some chakras and their corresponding physiological systems may need a color other than the color normally attributed to it. This can be a trial and error process.

Men and women also respond differently to colors. For example, when it comes to the color red, men are more drawn to and stimulated by the red-orange range. Women are more drawn to reds in the red-violet range. As with all colors, there are effects beyond the physiological.


Keynote: Purification, purity, amplification.

Physical Applications: All systems of the body. White contains the entire light spectrum. It is strengthening. It is cleansing and purifying to the entire energy system. It can awaken greater creativity. When in doubt as to what color to use, you can seldom go wrong with white. It is also beneficial to begin and end a color therapy session with white to stabilize the energy system of the individual and to give it an overall boost. It amplifies the effects of any other color used with it in a healing session.


Keynote: Protection, grounding, strengthening.

Physical Application: Effective in polarity therapy when combined with white. Black also contains the entire color spectrum within it. It is also a color that has had many confusing correspondences in the past. Many individuals shy away from using black in color therapy and healing,but it can be beneficial at times. Black is a protective color. It is grounding and calming, especially to extremely sensitive individuals. It activates the magnetic or feminine energies of the body strengthening them.

Black should be used sparingly, as too much black can cause depression or aggravate such emotional/mental conditions. Black is most effective when used in conjunction with white, balancing the polarities of the individual, especially in cases where the individual seems to be losing control. It can activate the subconscious mind which can put life and all its craziness into proper perspective. It should rarely be used by itself, but always in combination with another color.

The Rainbow Colors


Keynote: Strengthening of the life force, will and sexuality, stimulating.

Physical Application: Circulatory system, sexuality. Stimulating to the overall energy levels of the metabolism, lower extremities, most blood conditions. Red is a Stimulating color. It will energize the base Chakra. It warms and it activates. It awakens our physical life force. It can be used for colds, poor circulation, anemia, and mucus ailments. Red strengthens the physical energy and the will of the individual. It can stimulate deeper passions, whether they be of sex and live, courage, hatred or even revenge.

Too much red can over-stimulate and aggravate certain conditions. High blood pressure is an indication to too much red energy within the system. Red can be used to raise the body’s temperature and to energize the blood. It is also balanced by the color green.


Keynote: Activation, construction, optimism, energy reserved.

Physical Application: Muscular system, eliminative system, emotional aggravation and causes of physical problems. Orange affects the second (spleen) Chakra center. It is the color of joy and wisdom and creativity. It stimulates feelings of socialness. It is tied to our emotional health and the muscular system of the body. Too much orange affects the nerves, and it should be balanced with shades of green-blues. Orange can assist us in healing conditions of the spleen, pancreas, stomach, Intestines, adrenals, food assimilation and depression.

Individuals experiencing emotional paralysis can be helped with this color, especially the peach shades. Peach is a color that strengthens the aura and gives it a little extra cushioning in recovery processes. It and most shades of orange can be used to revitalize the physical body. It makes a good tonic after a bout of illness, for it is  strengthening to the eliminative system of the body.


Keynote: Mental activity, intellectual power and ability, awakening .

Physical Applications: Digestive system, Gastrointestinal tract, adrenal activity, left hemisphere brain activity. Yellow predominantly affects the solar plexus Chakra, and it is stimulating to the mental faculties of the individual. It can be used for depression. It helps awaken an enthusiasm for life. It awakens greater confidence and optimism. It is also effective in the treatment of digestive problems. It is beneficial to the stomach, the intestines, the bladder, and the entire eliminative system as well. It is very effective in the treatment of most headaches. It helps to balance the Gastrointestinal tract. The golden-yellow shades are healthful to both the body and the mind. It can be used to facilitate the learning capabilities of an individual.

Yellow is a color that catches the eye. It is one of the first colors that most people notice. It is also a co!or that can create or indicate anxiety and mental tension. Excessive amounts or exposures to it should be balanced with colors from the blue spectrum.


Keynote: Balance, growth, calming.

Physical Application: Circulatory system, sympathetic nervous system, conditions aggravated by emotions. Green should never be used to help heal tumorous IR cancerous conditions, as green helps things grow. Green is the most predominant color on the planet. It balances our energies, and it can be used to increase our sensitivity and compassion. It has a calming effect, especially in inflamed conditions of the body. It is soothing to the nervous system. The brighter greens, leaning toward the blue spectrum, are powerful in healing most conditions. Green can also be used to awaken greater friendliness, hope, faith, and peace. It is restful and revitalizing to over-taxed mental conditions.

Green strongly affects the heart Chakra, and it is balancing to the autonomic nervous system. It can be applied beneficially in cardiac conditions, high blood pressure, ulcers, exhaustion, and headaches.


Keynote: Peace, faith, aspiration, creative expression

Physical Applications: Respiratory system, eyes, ear, nose, throat, venous conditions. Blue is cooling to the body’s system. It is relaxing. It is quieting to our energies, and it has an antiseptic effect. It strengthens and balanced the respiratory system. It is also excellent for high blood pressure and all conditions of the throat. It is beneficial to venous conditions of the body. Blue is very effective in easing all childhood diseases, along with asthma, chicken pox, jaundice, and rheumatism. It is one of the most universally healing colors for children.

Blue can also be used to awaken Intuition ad to ease loneliness. It is very effective when combined with the warmer colors in the orange and red-orange spectrum. It awakens artistic expression and inspiration.


Keynote: Integration, Purification, altered states of consciousness.

Physical Applications: Endocrine system, reproductive system, infection, most conditions of the head and ace. Indigo and the deeper shades of blue are dynamic healing colors on both spiritual and physical levels. This color activates the brow Chakra and it is balancing to all conditions associated with it. It strengthens the lymph system, the glands, and the immune system of the body. It is an excellent blood purifier and can be used to assist in detoxifying the body. It is a color that I’d also balancing to the hemisphere of the brain and all nerve synapses between them.

Indigo can be used effectively to treat all conditions of the face, including eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and sinuses. Indio also has a sedative effect, and it can be used in meditation to achieve deeper levels of consciousness. It can awaken devotion and Intuition. It can be used for problems in the lungs and for removing obsessions. Too much indigo can cause depression and a sense of separateness from others. It can be balanced effectively with soft orange shades.


Keynote: Purification, transmutation, practical spirituality.

Physical Applications: Skeletal system, nervous system, some venous conditions, cancerous/tumorous conditions. Violet is a color that affects the crown Chakra. It also affects the entire skeletal and nervous systems of the body. It is very antiseptic, purifying on both physical and spiritual levels. It helps balance the physical and the Spiritual energies. Violet is effective in cancerous conditions of the body. Arthritis can be eased by a violet light that leans more toward the blue shades. Violet also helps the body assimilate nutrients and minerals.

Violet also stimulates inspiration and humility. It assists in stimulating dream activity. In meditation violet can help open us to our past lives, especially those which are presently affecting our health. A true violet is fifty percent blue and fifty percent red. It is the balance of the physical and the Spiritual. It is a reminder that we need both aspects within our life for balanced health. Violet helps to restore a proper perspective both in regard to the mundane aspects of life, including physical well-being, and the Spiritual aspects, helping to keep them practical.


AQUA (TURQUOISE and other light blue-green).

Keynote: Multi-purpose healing.

Physical Applications: Respiratory system, strengthening to the metabolism. Aqua is cooling to the system. It can be beneficial in easing all feverish conditions and for balancing all systems of the body. It can also be used to cool and ease any inflammation. It combines both the beneficial effects of blue and green. It vitalizes all systems. It is also purifying. It can be used in treating skin conditions, throat problems, and it is very effective for acute pain and earaches. It eases respiration problems. It is effective in treatment of asthma and bronchitis, especially with children. Regular color breathing with aqua can prevent intense attacks of asthmatic conditions.


Keynote: Purifying

Physical Applications: It helps the body to assimilate oxygen. It assists in the exchange of gases, externally and internally. It can clear a foggy mind and it is an aid to negative physical conditions that affect the brain. It can help ease depression and emotional problems that can aggravate physiological conditions.


Keynote: Grounding and stabilizing.

Physical Applications: Brown is also an effective color in healing. It is especially effective in stabilizing overexcited States. It calms and grounds emotions and extreme mental conditions. Brown can help awaken common sense and discrimination. It brings us back down to earth. It is effective for any kind of spaciness. Brown, when it shows up in the human aura, can reflect a need for grounding. When it takes the shades of what may be called “puke brown”, it will often reflect infection in the body or that area of the body in which it overlays in the aura. Brown can be used to stabilize all systems. It is effective to use in cases of hyperactivity with children, especially with combinations of colors in the rust to deep brown range.


Keynote: Strengthening and amplifying.

Physical Applications: Immune system, cardiac conditions. Gold is a color that can strengthen the energies associated with the entire immune system. It can be used with other colors to amplify the affects without overexciting the system. It is very strengthening to the heart. It is effective to use in regard to all cardiac problems, especially as a powerful tonic after heart surgery. Gold is a powerful stimulant to the immune system of the body. It helps awaken the individuals own healing abilities to assist the body-mind restoring homeostasis. It can also awaken renewed enthusiasm.


Keynote: Mental stimulation.

Physical Applications: Digestive system, left hemisphere brain activity. Lemon is vitalizing and stimulating to the brain. Thus, it is effective in treating and Alleviating conditions associated with it-i.e. Alzheimer’s, senility, etc. It can be used to help stimulate the brains natural abilities. It always has a shade of green within the spectrum, and in lemon, the green works as a cleanser. Lemons assist us in bringing toxins to the surface so they can be cleaned out. These may be Physical toxins as well as emotional toxins. Lemon us also effective in treating digestive problems, helping the body assimilate nutrients more effectively. Lemon us good for tissues and bones.


Keynote: Soothing

Physical Applications: Skin conditions and inflammations, immune system. Pink is a soothing color on all levels, physical and otherwise. Mentally and emotionally, it can be used to soothe conditions if anger and feelings of neglect. Pink can be used to awaken compassion, love, and purity. It can be used in meditation to discern greater truths. It is comforting to the emotional energies of the individual. Physically, pink is most effective in the treatment of skin problems and conditions, especially when combined with aqua. It also stimulates the Thymus gland and ease stresses upon the immune system of the body.


Keynote: Intense Purification

Physical Applications: Detoxifying the body. Purple is considered to be a high vibrational color. It is this high vibration which gives it it’s ability for purification. It is effective to use when strong detoxifying of the body is needed, as in the case of cancerous or pre-cancerous conditions. Purple is purifying to the body, but because of its high vibration it should be used sparingly. Too much purple can create or aggravate depression. It can be used to simulate venous activity in the body. It can also be used for headaches. The red-purple range is beneficial to balancing the polarities of the body. The blue-purple rage is effective in helping to shrink (such as tumors)and to cool, easing inflammations.


Keynote: Amplification and intuitive clarification.

Physical Applications: Discernment of the cause of dis-ease. Silver can be used to amplify the effects of other colors, much in the manner of white. It is also effective in meditation, in discovering the metaphysical source of an illness or dis-ease. Unless we discover the source, the likelihood of its remanifesting is high. Silver can also be used to help discover and apply the creative imagination. It activates innate Intuition. It is stimulating and balancing to the feminine energies, and especially the Yin meridians.

Common Ailments and their Beneficial Colors:

This list is a guideline only. It us not prescriptive! It will s a suggestion to help you find a starting point in working with color therapy. It is not designed to replace traditional medicine. It is a means by which you can participate more personally in your own healing process. Develop your own system of color application. Find what works for you. You may need to apply different colors with different intensities. Experimentation is the only way of discovering what works for the individual.

Begin all color treatment with white and end with white. This amplifies the affects and it serves to keep the color treatments from aggravating a condition. It provides balance. The red spectrum affects the physical, is stimulating, and is warming. Blues are cooling and cleansing, affecting the Spiritual energies. The yellow shades serve to bridge them, affecting the mental energies. The three together provide opportunities for healing body, mind, and Spirit.

Condition.                             Beneficial Colors

Abdominal Cramps .           Yellow, Lemon

Accesses                                Blue, Blue-Violet

Aches (ear) .                          Turquoise

Aches (head) .                       Blue, Green

Aches (muscles) .                  Pastel Orange

Aches (tooth) .                        Blue, Blue-Violet

Acne                                         Pink, Red-Violet

A.I.D.S.                                     Red, Indigo, and Violet, followed by Pink and


Alcoholism .                            Indigo, Yellow

Allergies .                                 Indigo, Soft Orange

Alzheimer’s .                            Royal Blue, Blue-Purple, followed by Yellow

Anemia .                                   Red

Anxieties .                                Light Blue and Green

Appetite (excessive) .             Indigo

Appetite (loss) .                       Yellow, Lemon

Arthritis .                                  Violet, Blue-Violet

Asthma.                                     Blue, Orange

Belching.                                   Yellow, Lemon

Bladder.                                     Yellow, Orange

Bleeding.                                    Blue-Green

Blisters .                                      Powder or Ice Blue

Blood Pressure (high).             Blue, Green

Blood Pressure (low).              Red, Red-Orange

Bones.                                         Violet, Lemon

Bowels .                                      Yellow-Orange

Breasts .                                      Pink, Red-Violet

Bronchitis .                                Blue, Blue-Green, Turquoise

Burns.                                        Blue, Blue-Green

Cancer .                                     Blue, Blue-Violet, followed by Pink

Colds .                                        Red

Diabetes.                                   Violet

Eczema .                                    Lemon

Epilepsy.                                    Turquoise, Deep Blues

Eyes.                                           Indigo, Royal Blue

Fevers.                                       Blue

Growths .                                  Violet, Blue-Violet

Hay Fever .                               Red-Orange

Heart Problems .                    Green and Pink

Hemorrhoids .                        Deep Blue

Indigestion .                           Yellow, Lemon

Infection .                              Violet

Inflammation .                    Blue

Influenza .                           Deep Blue, Turquoise, Violet

Kidneys.                             Yellow-Yellow-Orange

Leukemia .                        Violet

Liver .                                Blue and Yellow combinations

Menstrual Problems.    Soft Reds and Blue-Green combinations

Nausea .                           Ice Blue

Nerves .                           Green, Blue-Greens

Parkinson’s .                  Indigo

Pneumonia.                 Red and Red-Orange, combined with Indigo

Rash .                           Lemon and Turquoise

Skin Problems .         Pink, Blue-Violet, Turquoise

Swelling.                     Pale and Ice Blues

Ulcers .                       Green


Performing Etheric Touch

Through the previous exercises we demonstrated that our energy dies not stop at skin level, and that our hands can become sensitive to the subtle energy fields surrounding the human body. We also demonstrated that we can radiate energy outward from our hands by breathing and a concentration of thought.

Healing through etheric touch is working with the subtle energies surrounding the physical body. It is a form of healing that does not depend on actual physical contact with the human body, although sometimes it can be enhanced by it. It’s effectiveness is not dependent upon faith or the divine, although it’s effectiveness is enhanced by this.

We all have the capability of effecting changes in our energies, physical and subtle, even if we don’t understand it all. The ability is inate within us all. What we must discover and develop are the techniques that enable us to awaken and channel it for our various purposes.

Healing always comes from within. It is the individual who heals himself. You may be the catalyst, and an assistant to boost the individuals own recuperative system, but the healing comes from within.

Never work with another person if you are tired or I’ll. Although it is true that when we work to heal another, we in turn are healed and balanced, working with another while we demonstrate illness yourself can set up mental blocks and hinder the receptivity of the healing energy.

There are two steps to performing etheric touch. The first is using your hand sensitivity to assess possible problem areas. That is, all you can do is describe your impressions of energy fluctuations in the field of an individual. The second is directing energy to effect a healing or balancing.

The assessment helps us to recognize where  imbalances are within the energy field of an individual, physical or subtle. Any imbalances within the physical body will be reflected by imbalances in the subtle energy surrounding the body. This may be detected as a change in temperature, a difference in feel ( more pressure or a mushiness) etc. The key in the assessment is to recognize changes, differences, no matter how subtle they may seem to be.

The healing is the projection of specific or general energies to correct imbalances. This may include directing energy through specific chakras and their physiological systems. It may also include sending general healing vibrations throughout the entire body. Each individual will differ, and you must develop a trust and flexibility in your effectiveness to work with another’s energy. This comes with time and practice.

1. Always begin by centering yourself. Relax. Do a progressive relaxation or meditation prior to starting.

2. The individual may either sit, stand, or recline in front of you. Whatever is most comfortable for you and the individual is what will work best. Rub your hands briskly together for fifteen to thirty seconds to activate the chakras in the palms of the hands.

3. Begin with the front side of the individual to be healed. Place your hand about three to six inches from the person’s skin. It does not matter where you begin, although it often seems more natural to begin at the top of the head and work your way to the feet. Begin with either side of the body and draw your hands slowly down, moving over each area of the body. Note anything you experience IR may even imagine that you experience. Don’t discuss them as you notice them. Just make a mental note and continue. Take about ten to fifteen seconds for each area of the body.

4. Allow your hands to scan the entire front of the body and then repeat with the back of the body. Again note any differences and any impressions.

5. When you have completely scanned the entire body, go back and double check any area you were not sure about.

6. Then take a few minutes and discuss with the individual what you experienced, where you found changes in the feel. Don’t  be afraid to ask for feedback or information on possible problems associated with those areas. This is how you get confirmation in what you are sensing with your hands and develop trust in it.

7. Some possible guidelines for interpretation of what you experience are:

A. Warmth or hot spot= an inflamed area or overactive (over-energized) area. This can also reflect an area of the body in which there is a chronic problem or a recent acute problem. It can also sometimes indicate a point in the body in which stress is manifesting as a physical imbalance.

B. Thickness or heaviness in pressure= an area of greater congestion. It can indicate a blockage or hindrance in the flow of energy or operation within an organ or system in the body. It can sometimes indicate an area of greater sensitivity, in that the body will sometimes pad an area in the aura with extra energy into protect it.

C. Coolness= often reflects a blockage in a flow of energy within a system or to a particular organ or area of the body. It can reflect poor circulation and movement in some area of the energy system. It often reflects congestion.

8. Now we begin to balance out the energy field and project healing vibrations through the hands to problem areas. Begin rhythmic breathing. ****Exhaling audibly will increase the flow of energy through you. Focus your mind on energy pouring out through your hands to correct and heal the condition. As you inhale, see and feel yourself filling with universal healing energy. You may visualize it as a color or in any form you desire. As you exhale, visualize the energy streaming forth to cleanse, balance and heal the problem area, along with the entire system to which it is associated.

9. Next move to the Chakra(s) to which the problem area is associated. For example, if there is a stomach upset, begin by working on that area of the stomach. Next visualize the entire digestive system being balanced and healed. Then move your hands and attention to the solar plexus Chakra which mediates energies of the digestive system and stomach. Project balancing and strengthening energy to the Chakra.

10. Now move to the base Chakra area. Radiate energy through you to energize and strengthen it. Do this for several minutes. Then repeat this with each of the seven major chakras. Visualizing the energy in the appropriate colors for each Chakra can enhance the process. This balances the entire Chakra System, and it strengthens the entire Healing process.

You are becoming a channel of healing energy. As you breathe, you pull energy down through you and radiate it out your hands to heal and balance the individual. ****The energy takes on the frequency of your thoughts and focus. As you concentrate on a particular color, the radiations take that frequency, and the color is absorbed by the person being treated. The process heals and balances, and it awakens your high Intuition and sensitivities.

To conclude the healing, move to the head area and project crystalline energy through you and into the individual. See and feel it pouring out and filling the entire being of the individual. Visualize it radiating in and around them with strength and vibrancy.

It is not your personal energy you are using in this healing technique. As you perform rhythmic breathing, you are drawing universal energy through you and projecting it to the other individual.


Vibrational Remedies and the Human Energy System

There are a variety of energy fields that surround and emanate from the physical body. These include, but are not limited to, light, electrical, heat and thermal, sound, magnetic and electromagnetic. These zaalong with the subtle bodies, comprise the entire aura and energy system of the body.

The human body is an energy system. Both the ancients and the modern scientist agree that everything in life is formed of Vibration. The vibrational frequencies of animate life are more active, vibrant, and variant than inanimate matter, but vibration exists in all.

The human body is comprised of many energy fields. These energy fields surround, emanate from, and can interact with the physical body and it’s various functions. These include but are not limited to, light (colors), electrical, thermal (heat), sound, magnetic, and electromagnetic. To heal requires a understanding of which energies, intensities, and combinations are most effective in the healing process.

Surrounding the human body is an auric field. The aura is comprised of two aspects. This includes our subtle bodies, as described in traditional metaphysics, and it also includes the energy emanations of the human body itself.

The subtle bodies are bands of energy of varing intensity that surround and interpenetrate with the physical. Their predominant function is to help co-ordinate and regulate the souls activities in the physical life.

We will focus on a four-body aspect of the human energy system, physical, astral (emotional), mental, and spiritual. For our greatest health, all four must be in alignment and harmonized. Psychological and physical problems result when there is a misalignment of the subtle bodies with the physical. This misalignment can be caused by trauma, stress, strong emotions, incorrect mental attitudes, etc. Thus we must work to have physical health, emotional health, mental health and spiritual health.

An imbalance on any level will ultimately manifest itself in the physical, for it is the recipient of all subtle influences. It is through the physical that we must translate and express emotion, mental, and spiritual energies. It is through the physical that we live and experience life.

An unbalanced emotional or mental attitude can create a misalignment of the subtle bodies with the physical, altering the normal vibrational pattern of the body. At these times the body needs something to help restore it to its original vibrational pattern. We can use vibrational remedies to temporarily restore balance to a problem area.

When there is balance, the body is more effective in eliminating toxins and negativities that can hinder our body processes. Through vibrational  remedies we reinstall a proper flow of energy.

Because the human body is an energy system, we can use various energy vibrations to interact with it. Some of the most common and effective vibrational remedies are sounds, colors, aromas, flower and gem alixirs, crystals and stones, and thought.

The Chakra System: Chakras are the primary mediators of all energy within the body and coming into it. They mediate the electromagnet and other subtle energy impulses of our energy system. They take our energy Expressions and assist the body in distributing them for our various physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual functions.

Although not part of the physical body itself, they help link our subtle energy fields surrounding and interpenetrating with the body to the activities of the body itself.

The chakras are connected to the functions of the physical body primarily through the endocrine glands and the spinal system. They mediate the energy within and outside of the body through various spinal contacts for distribution of energy through the body by means of the nerve pathways and the circulatory system. In this way all of the organs, tissues,and cells receive the energy for their various uses.

At times of imbalance, the chakras attemot to pull greater energy and life force through the aura and the subtle bodies.

The chakras mediate all energy within, coming into, and going out of the body. They help distribute energy for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual functions. The seven major chakras are points of greater electromagnetic activity within the auric field. The hands and feet are other points of great activity.

Vibrations can be absorbed or projected through the chakras. This vibration is transmitted into the vertebrae of the spine, then transfered along nerve pathways to the organs, tissues, etc. to which they are linked. Imbalances can thus be balanced.

The normal life force from each subtle body enters into its own particular chakra, which then distributes the energy to the spinal contact, where it is in turn passed on to the blood stream and organs. When the food we eat is converted into energy, the process reverses itself so that the energy field and subtle bodies surrounding the physical are strengthened and energized for their own particular purposes.

Negative mental and emotional energy patterns passing through the subtle bodies will interfere with the normal flow of energy into the physical.

Negative thoughts and emotions can link with the normal  life force flow and be carried into the physical.

This in turn weakens the flow into the chakras and their corresponding areas of the physical body. This results in an imbalance and a build-up of negative energy which is transmitted to the physical and manifests as illness or disease. If imbalances are not corrected, over time the chakras themselves may weaken and become unbalanced. They are then unable to draw energy in through the aura and subtle bodies. They may also become overactive and thus create stress on various systems in the body. In either case, this is usually when a physical problem begins to manifest.

If we are to correct the condition, we must first restore balance to the subtle energy system and to the natural flow of energy to the physical. In many cases simply restoring the proper balance and functioning of the chakras will either correct or alleviate the physical imbalance. Once the Chakra energy flow is restored, the body itself can concentrate more fully on eliminating the physical expression of imbalance. The mist effective means for restoring balance to the chakras and thus to physical systems in the body is through vibrational remedies. Such remedies may include sound, color, fragrance, etheric touch, crystals and gems, and evenflower elixirs. Specific vibrations can be used to balance Chakra activity, regardless of whether they are overactive or under active.

Keep in mind that any imbalance within a person’s energy field may reveal itself in physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual problems. Thus it is important to examine and understand both the metaphysical and the physical aspects of each Chakra and their responses to vibration in any of its form.


The Journey Begins

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

The intellectual and spiritual godfather of sound medicine was Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher and mathematician who lived from about 580 to 500 BCE. Pythagoras is credited as the first person to take an organized approach to using music as a healing technique.

The seventeenth-century Dutch scientist Christian Huygens noticed that the pendulums of two clocks, hung side by side, would begin of their own accord to swing to the same identical rhythm. The reason entrainment occurs is that the more powerful rhythmic vibrations of one object, when projected upon a second object with a similar frequency, will cause that object to begin to vibrate in resonance with the first object. We human being also react in resonance with the vibrations and fluctuations in our surroundings, so it follows that our physiological functioning may be altered by the impact of sound waves, whether produced by our own voices or by objects or instruments in our environment.

Take a Deep Breath: Preserving Homeostasis In The Body-Mind. Sound is a manifestation of breath, and breath is the most fundamental aspect of life. Breathing is much more than a mechanical reflex for oxygen exchange; it is the basis for all our cellular functions; our energetic well-being, even our emotional health.

Yoga is a three-thousand-year-old discipline whose goal is to create a sense of harmony with the universe by integrating the mind, body and spirit. The word yoga means union, and its three-part practice of postures, breath work, and meditation is designed to take us beyond the transitory concerns and pleasures to a discovery and awareness of our highest self. Prana, the universal life energy, flows through the nourishes every cell in our bodies; pranayama is the Vedic science of controlling the breath in order to direct the prana and thereby balance both body and mind.

In shallow breathing, the diaphragm, doesn’t move downward sufficiently, so that the lungs never fully expand into the abdomen. As a result, the lower portions of the lungs, which are filled with small blood vessels that carry oxygen to our cells, hardly receive oxygen. In an effort to compensate for this inadequate oxygen intake, our heart rate and blood pressure increase, as our cardiovascular systems work overtime. In deep abdominal breathing the diaphragm moves freely and forcefully downward, allowing ample room for the bottom portion of the lungs to fill up with oxygen. The result is more than adequate oxygen exchange; we take in substantial amounts of oxygen during inhalation and expel more than enough carbon dioxide during exhalation.

Shallow breathing is also evidence that the body is in a perpetual state of “flight or flight, the stress response to external danger or anxiety provoking events. This is a natural mind-body reaction to stress,our adrenal glands pump out stress hormones such as adrenaline, the musculoskeletal system goes into a taut state of preparedness, and heart rate and blood pressure become elevated.

The first thing we notice when breath is studied, is that breath is audible. We use breath, and therefore sound. To maintain harmony in our bodies. Music therapy has increasingly come to be recognized as a practical and productive application for a wide range of physical, emotional and mental conditions. Music, whether produced by voice, instrument or the two in concert, restores our connection with our essence, the realm beyond our conscious awareness, and thus, with the cosmos. Crystal bowls and guided imagery shifts brain waves into alpha and Theta States, and thus achieve a state of relaxation that is highly conductive to healing.


Writing Your Life Song

When Buddha was asked,”What did you do before you achieved Enlightenment? he answered, “I chopped wood and carried water”. The next question posed was: “And now that you have achieved Enlightenment?” Buddha replied, “I chop wood and carry water”.

On the most mundane, day to day level, nothing had changed. Yet everything was different, because his point of view had radically altered. It is precisely this shift in perspective that we need to achieve.

Create your own life song. Keep in mind that the goal is not to ” do it right”,but rather to find a string of primal sounds that resonates within you.

Rhymes with Home. Rhymes with Mom
Home. Ham
Rome. RAM
Some. Sam
Lome. Lam
Vome Vam
Yome. Yam

Rhymes with Knee. Rhymes with Hum
Hee. Hum
Ree. Rum
See. Sum
Lee. Lum
Vee. Vum
Yes. Yum

Rhymes with Blue

1. Pronounce each of the mantra sounds listed above. Try them in one order, then another. Keep you eyes open and say each sound aloud.
2. Close your eyes and allow the sound vibrations to come into your mind. Mentally play with the different sounds in various sequences, until you find the combination that most resonates with you. Begin to sing these sounds aloud, using whatever melody occurs to you, simply chant the sounds. You will most likely find your melody later. Choose three or four sounds that most appeal to you. The sounds that feel the most harmonious to you make up your life song.

The first life song you discover may be the only one you will ever use. Or you may discover a new song after several weeks, months, or years as you progress along your healing path. Experiment with the sounds and in many various combinations. As you chant your life song, you will begin to feel it literally flowing out of you, as if your essence, rather than you yourself, were singing. Allow any subtle changes in the sounds or maybe melody to occur, so that the song remains natural and fluid.

Your life song is unique and belongs only to you. It can connect you with your essence whenever you chant it, either aloud or silently. Respect your song by keeping it private. Chanting our life song silently when we are in stressful situations gives us great inner peace and strength.


Guided Imagery

When we visualize images that arouse an emotion, a sense of serenity, or physical sensations, an entire cascade of physiologic changes occur, including modulation of neurotransmitters, neuropeptides, and messenger molecules that may influence the immune system. The process itself is simple: We sit quietly in a meditative state, allowing ourselves to conjure mind pictures, either from our own imaginations, or from a script or tape or the promptings of a clinician. The psychological and physiological effects of imagery will differ depending on the Infinite varieties of visual images we can use, but the power of imagery to change our mind-body state is certain. Example: Close your eyes and imagine yourself sucking on a wedge of lemon. Take your time and really picture the lemon, imagine it’s texture and taste. Do you notice small jets of saliva under your tongue? You don’t need an actual lemon to change your body chemistry, only an imagined one!

The same principle holds when we use imagery to boost the immune system, either directly, by visualizing white blood cells mobilizing for action, killing pathogens and cancer cells; or indirectly, by imagining scenes that produce serenity, which in turn  reduces stress hormones and bolsters immunity. Brain signals and brain messengers can influence the activity of most subclasses of immune cells. The work of Mark Rider, Jeanne Achterberg and others suggests that combining music and imagery enhances these effects.

Effects of imagery on the immune system:

1. An increase in natural killer cell activity among healthy subjects using imagery.

2. Increased production of immunoglobulin A , a class of antibodies, among subjects who practiced imagery after only one training session that equaled the production by those who practiced relaxation techniques.


Meditating with a Mantra

Find a comfortable place to sit, either in a straight backed chair or cross legged on a mat or pillow. Make sure that you won’t be disturbed for the next 15 minutes. Turn off the phone. Before you begin, choose as your mantra a simple word or meaningful phrase that can help you maintain your focus. You might try using the Sanskrit mantra Ham Sah, which means “I am that”, breathing in on Ham and out on Sah. Once you’ve decided on a mantra, close your eyes and practice either of the two breathing exercises described in previous pages. When you feel that your breathing has slowed and deepened start to concentrate on thinking Ham as you inhale, and Sah when you exhale. Inhale and exhale through your nose, in a silent, thread like breath.

Don’t get discouraged if your attention begins to wander, and it will. If you notice a pain in your neck or back,or your nose itches or your foot feels as if it’s falling asleep, try to stay still and maintain your posture. But t don’t feel as if you’re failing some sort of test if you have to adjust your position or scratch your nose. This is all part of learning how to meditate.

Each time you realize that you have stopped concentrating on your mantra, and your mind has turned instead to your grocery list, the work you left unfinished on you desk, an unresolved argument with someone, or any other emotionally engaging thought, bring your attention back to your breath and your mantra. Are you inhaling fully and exhaling slowly? Pause after every inhalation and exhalation, slowing the rhythm of your breath so that your lungs and abdomen fully expand and contract.

Be compassionate with yourself. The practice of meditation requires patience and commitment. When distractions appear on the screen that is your mind, notice them, then let them go. Refocus your awareness on your mantra and breathing.

Start the meditation practice by setting aside 10-20 minutes for each session. As the end of your meditation draws near, gradually begin to become aware of your surroundings and how you are feeling. Open your eyes slowly and allow yourself as !much time as you need before you open the door and reimmerse yourself in your daily schedule.



Healing with Your Voice

We can use musical rhythms, tones, instrumens, and vocalizations to interact with the physiological activity of the body. Everyone is musical. It is intrinsic to our nature. We have been surrounded and nourished by music since the moment of conception, from the sounds carried to us through the amniotic fluids during pregnancy to the rhythmic beat of our own hearts. Music and rhythm are life itself.

Music is healing, and we should make it a conscious and active part of our health maintenance program. There are simple ways of using sacred sound in healing. If we speak, we can heal with sound. The voice has a tremendous ability to be an instrument for healing and nourishing.

Pythagoras recognized the considerable therapeutic power of human speech. He treated diseases through the reading of poetry. He taught students how a skillful, well modulated voice, beautiful words, and their meter and rhythm could restore balance to body and soul.

Mantra yoga is a technique of human self-realization through the use of inner sounds (nadas) that are awakened through outer toning and chanting. In Tibetan beliefs, the most important musical instrument is the human voice, and the Tibetan shamans are trained in the use of outer vowel sound projection to create inner vibrations. They learn to use the head and chest as Resonance chambers so that when the chanting stops, the sounds continue to echo within the mind and within the chambers of the body.

Each vowel sound, just as each musical tone, can open a particular part of the body when visualized and imagined during the in-breath and when spoken or toned internally. *****This inner sounding is the key to many metaphysical teachings concerning the healing sounds and mantras. Without the inner sounding before the outer, audible sounding, the effects are minimized.****

*****Direct Esoteric Toning involves both aspects, and it is easily learned and applied by anyone who can speak. Simply, as we inhale we focus our mind on the region of the body associated with the vowel sound, and we sound it silently. Then as we exhale, we vibrate or tone the sound outwardly and audibly.*****

This opening by the vowels can be understood if we realize that breath penetrates more or less deeply into the region concerned, according to our thoughts. The breath takes the energy of prana and combined with the vowel tones, they open specific inner regions of the body or Consciousness.



Toning is the use of pure vocal sound to resolve tension, release emotional, and spur the healing process. Toning is as old as civilization. The idea is simply to restore people to their harmonic patterns. There are many variations in methods. Toning is a system that utilizes vowel sounds to alter vibrations in every molecule and cell in the body. Tone is simply an audible sound, prolonged long enough to be identified. Toning is the conscious elongation of a sound using the breath and voice. Toning is the process of making vocal sounds for the purpose of balance. Toning sounds are sounds of expression and do not have a precise meaning. Toning is the sustained vocalization of individual pitches for the purpose of resonating specific body areas to which the voice is directed. Toning is an activity that releases and allows the natural flow of energy to move through one’s body. Toning is the use of the voice to express sounds for the purpose of release and relief. It is nonverbal sound, relying primarily on vowels, though it may incorporate the use of consonants to create syllables as long as they are not utilized to create coherent meaning. Sighing, moaning, and humming may also be recognized as forms of toning.

While the practices of toning vary to some extent, all involve the use of pure nonverbal sound to increase the flow of breath, balance energy flow, release emotion, resolve past trauma, and restore harmony to the body-mind system.

Toning facilitates deep breathing, because in order to fully release the sounds, we have to expand the belly and diaphragm, and thus inhale more fresh air. Slow breathing slows heart rate and calms the nervous system, thus evoking the relaxation response.

Toning is effectively used to process and resolve painful memories and ongoing traumas- work that has led them to reclaim their essence and, often to promote physical healing of their life-threatening illnesses.

How To Tone : (Remember, it is impossible to make a mistake while toning):

Toning Fundamentals:
1. Inhale through your nose. Release your breath through your mouth while making one long sustained sound. When you run out of breath, inhale again through your nose and exhale through your mouth, again making a long sustained sound. Repeat this procedure as often as you like.

2. You can stand, sit in a cross legged position on the floor, or sit on a chair. Be sure your spine is straight and your diaphragm and abdomen are unobstructed. If you are standing, imagine that the sound is coming up from your feet. Relax your jaw. When you make a sound, let your jaw hang open.

3. Tone a vowel on the note of your choice for as long as your breath allows. Repeat several times.

4. Tone the same sound on different notes.

6. Tone a syllable on the same note. Repeat several times. Example: tone: OM, LAM, Hu.

7. Tone the same syllable on a different note, and repeat.

8. Find a syllable and note combination that you like, and tone it again and again.

Play with timing. The beating of native American drums, create a similar heart beat. Beat on the tabletop, hit a cup lightly with a spoon, bang pots and pans together. Try toning with a singing bowl, a gong, bell, or a drum with a natural skin that gives off lots of reverberations. Do anything to experiment with sound, and with the freeing of your voice.

Specific Toning Exercises:
Cleansing and Releasing:
Moaning and groaning are cleansing sounds that come naturally when aches and pains are being released. High-pitched, penetrating sounds or even fierce screaming can help break up energy blockages that may have led to emotional and physical armoring. Release the sound that you feel from within. It may be a bloodcurdling, terrifying scream that could go on for several minutes, until it may actually end in laughter. Releasing a scream that has been held in for decades can be a joyous, liberating experience.

Soothing and Relaxing:
Through toning you can provide a soothing environment for the release of tension. Humming can be calming to the nervous system, and may help you to breath deeply. You may feel inspired to sing words of support and encouragement, or even to break into familiar bars of music or pop tunes. Trust the impulse; it often turns out to be surprisingly appropriate.

Toning for the Pain in your Body:
Stand with your feet about shoulder length apart and your body relaxed. If you prefer, sit at the edge of a chair with your back straight. You can stand up and move around when the energy gets moving. Inhale through your nose and draw the breath down to your abdomen, so you can actually see your abdomen rising. Exhale through your mouth, making a low moan, or whatever comes naturally. Do this 10 times.

Wherever you feel pain or tension, bring your attention there and consciously breath into it. As you exhale, release tension from that part of your body.

Give a sound to the feeling. If the sound doesn’t come spontaneously, begin by toning as low as you can and slowly raise the pitch until you find a tone that resonates with the pain. Continue making sounds until you feel a release, as if you’ve given yourself an inner massage. Allow healing for yourself.Repeat this process for every pain or discomfort in your body.

Breathing into Your Voice:
Lie down on the floor on your back. Place one hand on your chest, the other on your belly. Feel your hands rise and fall as your body expands and contracts naturally while you take in and release air.

In order to feel the full expansion of your body, place your hands right above your waistline at your sides, enclosing the areas between your thumb and the other fingers. Push in forcibly against the diaphragm muscle as your body expands. As you continue to resist, your ability to expand, maintain the expansion, and breathe fully will improve.

Try singing a tone or a familiar melody as you breathe in this position. Listen for the difference in your voice between the way you usually sound, and the way you sound now. Let your voice express whatever you are feeling in the moment.

Making Room for You Voice:
As you stand or sit, stretch your spine. Reach for the ceiling with the top of the spine, reach for the floor with the bottom. Let the crown of your head reach for the ceiling as well. It is often helpful to picture an imaginary string that goes from the ceiling through the top of your head,through your spine, and down to the floor. Imagine a hand gently pulling up the string. Release your shoulders and arms so they can swing freely. Make sure your knees are unlocked.

You will know you are aligned incorrectly if your shoulders are rounded, your chest is caved in, flat or jutting out, or if your abdomen or rear end is tightened or protruding.

Try sitting in a straight backed chair so that you can focus on your spine. Feel the difference between your usual posture and this one. Breathe fully and gently without throwing your body out of line. As you breathe, feel the muscles in your abdomen and back expand. You may be able to feel your back push against the back of the chair.

From this position, try yawning and letting a sound emerge. Do this a few times, and feel the release. Then, while fully expanded, begin to sing a familiar tune. Try singing with “ah” or “la” at first. Listen to the quality of your voice. What does it feel like to hear yourself sing? When you feel ready, add words. Close your eyes, stay fully expanded, and release your voice.


Essence Sound Meditation

Thought Creates. Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life  February 26, 2018 4 Minutes

The Essence Sound Meditation involves 7 steps. These steps include giving voice to anger and pain, then moving gradually to embrace your essence, a technique that empowers you to move beyond negative emotion into the light of the universal life force.

The Indian text, the Upanishads States, “Let one therefore keep the mind pure, for what a man thinks, that he becomes”. Resend Sound Meditation, and the Energetic Re-creation process, enable us to use sound to keep the mind pure, so that we begin to see the world and live from our essence. We give voice to and validate our pain before surrendering it, and moving toward a wholehearted embrace of our essence, which is infinitely accepting, living, and capable of healing.

The Essence sound Meditation has healing benefits for people with severe illness, workday stress, spiritual emergency, or any combination of these.

Essence Sound Meditation:

In the  Life Song meditation you found the sounds that most resonates within you. Every negative feeling or emotion has its own sound. Think of a fearful scream (AAH), a sorrowful cry (OOH or EEH), a worried groan (SHHH or UUHH. Before you begin to do the Essence Sound Meditation, be clear about the sound of the negative feeling that most disturbs you. Speak it aloud or scream it as you focus on the negative emotion. The first spontaneous sound you make is the one associated with the essence of this feeling. You may choose from these disharmonious sounds:


AAH.        UUHH

OOH.       DDA

EEH.        FOO

Prepare yourself for this mediation by finding a quiet place where you can sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Take several deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose, filling the space from your abdomen all the way up to your collarbones with air. Then exhale slowly through your mouth, reversing the process. Concentrate on each breath. Observe your breathing for several minutes without trying to control it. Visualize in your upper abdomen or solar plexus a clear, still, blue mountain lake. Feel your breath flowing into this lake. With each breath direct your inner attention to the following positive thoughts:

Infinite love, infinite peace, infinite wisdom, infinite harmony, infinite healing, infinite life, infinite light, infinite success, infinite possibility, infinite health, infinite hope, infinite energy, infinite courage, infinite strength.

Read and familiarize yourself with the following seven steps of the Essence Sound Meditation. It’s purpose is to experience and express negative emotions through sound, then to transcend these feelings by releasing them and reconnecting with your essence, also through sound. This will require a series of emotional and vocal shifts, but with practice they will become smooth and second nature. Once you are comfortable with the seven steps, close your eyes. Start with a few minutes of the breathing exercise, then begin the Essence Sound Meditation.

1. Experience. Find the place in your body where you experience negative feelings, discomfort, IR pain. Feel the exact location and imagine it’s size, shape, color, and temperature. Visualize this area as pure energy. Pick only one location at a time in your body. Now, experience your negative feelings as one of the above mentioned sounds. Examples might be AAH (fear), OOH (sorrow), or DDA (yearning). Allow these sounds to vibrate in your throat,  opening your mouth to allow the tone to grow. After five or so minutes, gradually shift your awareness to your essence, seeing it in your mind’s eye as a white light located above the crown of your head.

2. Sense. Using your life song mantra, sense the harmonic sound of your essence by vocalizing it. Choose mantra sounds from the list given previously. Examples might be LAM MA SAM or  HOME LEE SUME.

3. Surrender. Release the sound of negative feelings or pain to your essence by visualizing it’s energy being released upward into the light of your essence. Then, using your voice, revisit the sound of your negative emotion and attach the consonant “M” to the end of it. This is the vocal equivalent of resolution. Examples might be AAHM, RAAHM, or HEEM.

4. Empower. Strengthen this harmonious resolution by experiencing your essence as a warm, healing light that you send with each inhalation into the area where you have pain or distress. Inhale deeply and draw out the sound from step 3 over the course of the entire exhalation. Do this five or six times.

5. Nurture. Nurture the idea of a life free of negative or painful feelings. Sustain the Harmony by alternating your essence sound with the transformed negative sound. Examples: AAH. AAHM. AAH. AAHM. Do this for five to ten minutes as you play your bowl or other musical instrument. Try to bring your voice into resonance with the sound of the bowl. As you continue to chant, feel your negative emotions merging harmoniously with your essence.

7. Create. Create a space for your essence to continue to be your guide by chanting the sound of the transformed negative feelings as you play your bowl. Notice how the sound has lost its disharmonious emotional charge. Continue chanting and playing for two to three minutes.

7. Embody. Externalize the positive energy by visualizing your entire physical being composed of billions of cells. Visualize the cells as being composed of trillions of molecules, and these molecules in turn composed of trillions of atoms. Visualize the atoms moving as as well as the vast amount of space within and between them.

While playing your bowl or other instrument, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Recite each of the following infinite affirmations during the entire exhalation: infinite love, infinite light, infinite peace, infinite harmony, infinite trust.



Sound and Emotional Healing

Sound healing techniques elicit a state of relative tranquility in people who are feeling profoundly agitated or apprehensive. Sound from breath or toning or singing or  certain forms of music or musical instruments, used in conjunction with meditation, can calm the mind, sooth emotional turbulence, and induce a psychophysical state of relaxation that liberates us from feeling burdened and overwhelmed. Over time, this temporary Liberation becomes long lasting freedom from the oppressive bonds of the constricted self.

Sound influences the mental and emotional states, spiritual awareness and experience, and the physical body. While the three are inextricably intertwined, it is possible to peel away and identify the effects of sound on each level.

For those of us who are agitated, these musical forms are likely to induce profound States of relaxation. For those of us who have become emotionally frozen due to stressful events or traumas, the same sound interventions may coax painful emotions out of their hiding places in the psyche. For still others of us who are caught in the grip of unyielding sorrow IR barely suppressed rage, sound can foster an unexpected equilibrium after a long period of distress.

It is so very important, no matter what the outward perceptions of our circumstances, that we learn and remember to live each day from a perspective of peace and trust. We hear too much about the people who die, and not enough about the people who live from many diverse disasters of body, mind and spirit. Recovery requires we find our way to serenity, wholeness, and a deeper connection with our true Self. We must see ourselves as a survivor, someone who is blessed to recover from all events in life, simply because we have Chosen to Be, Do, and Live our lives as we choose. We are not just leaves blowing in the wind. Each of us has real Power, real Choice, Without Limitations, that we can validate for ourselves!

Meditation helps us change how we handle tension and pressure. In Sound techniques, the sound enters your mind and soul, so that every part of you is filled with energy. Visualize your conditions or problems, disappearing with the flow of the music or sound. Use visual imagery to rid the stress or the physical condition or the problem, watch it being destroyed or flow with the sound out of your body. Find  Peace, harmony, and joy, and know you are Loved: first by yourself and by others and know that God is Love. Where Love is, God is. When you can Accept this, or Allow this Love for yourself, a feeling of joy or a feeling like a cleansing comes over us. And we are free, unlimited, and eventually healed.

Meditation and other techniques elicit the relaxation response. The relaxation response not only causes beneficial physical changes, it actually relieved the symptoms of serious physical ailments and helped promote healing. Virtually any method involving focused awareness and deep breathing, including yoga, mindfulness, visual imagery, Qi Gong, progressive music relaxation, and repetitive prayer, and sound, can all produce these same physiologic changes.

Sound is a uniquely powerful vehicle for emotional healing that works on many different levels: entrainment with emotional states, energetic modulation ( since emotions are manifestations of biochemical energy)_ and in the case of music, a highly developed emotional resonance because different types of music evoke such a broad range of emotional  states. Given the extent to which sound can influence emotional states and bring about emotional healing for people in distress. Also spontaneous sharing and interaction, meditation, imagery and sound healing, is very effective.

Sound and Guided Imagery for Forgiveness Meditation:

1. Take several deep breaths in through your nose, and exhale slowly and quietly through your mouth. With each exhalation, slowly chant the word HAM, rhymes with Mom. Imagine each breath as a waterfall, flowing into a clear, mountain lake that is located in the upper part of your abdomen. Visualize the lake going deeper and deeper, extending to just below your navel.

2. Continue breathing in through your nose, out through your mouth. Now, as you slowly exhale, listen to the sound of a bowl, and chant the word LAM.

3. Imagine yourself breathing in these infinite affirmations: infinite love, infinite peace, infinite harmony, infinite gentleness, infinite kindness, infinite courage. Think about the energy of these infinite affirmations as you take a deep breath in through your nose. As you breathe out, chant the word LAM.

4. Allow the sound to come out easily as you exhale. Don’t push it out. Just let it flow from the back of your throat, almost as if you were passively exhaling.

5. Imagine yourself breathing in these infinite affirmations: infinite energy, infinite wisdom,  infinite grandeur, infinite life, infinite health.

6. Take a deep breath in through your nose, and when you exhale, chant the sound RAM. Now move your awareness to the area around your heart and visualize a crystal ball of white light emanating from your heart. Visualize the source of this white light as being timeless, eternal, infinite, and feel on the deepest level possible that this is your true reality. Understand that all other manifestations simply appear, and then vanish. Only your essence, which you can find in your heart, is your true reality.

7. Examine any chains or walls that you put around your heart to protect yourself from the world, an individual, or a circumstance. Think of a person or a particular circumstance from which you’ve had to protect yourself at some point, and consider how that need feels in your heart. Feel how it closes down your heart in any way.

8. Now, as you chant the sound of YAM on a long, slow exhalation, feel the sound moving through your heart like a wave, dissolving any restrictions, any walls, that you’ve put up to defend yourself. Think about the person or the circumstance from which you’ve had to protect yourself. But instead of looking at the appearance of that person or the superficialities of that circumstance, don’t love into the heart of the person or situation. Notice the restrictions that created the situation that has caused you pain.

9. Feel your heart embrace that heart, so that your hearts are merged as one. Take a deep breath in and chant the sound OM. Let the sound remove any restraining walks or chains.

10. Send to that person or circumstance energy from your heart, the energy of compassion, the energy of understanding that all beings are seeking to free themselves of suffering. Allow the compassion that comes with that thought to radiate through your heart. Now take a deep breath in, and when you exhale, again chant the word OM.

11. Move your energy back to your own heart, and be conscious of your breathing. Vow to make each breath, each moment, previous and irreplaceable. Realize that the only way you can make this happen, is to remember that moment of being in your perfect harmony that comes from realizing your own essence.

Scores of studies linking distress or depression with a weak immune system, which can be a contributing factor to the unchecked growth of cancer cells. Developing insight into your life and illness, and the intersections between the two, is an opportunity for growth and healing, not self blame.

It is possible to give sound to negative emotions and start the process of transformation and transcendence.


Fundamental Sound and Imagery Meditation

This meditation unites sound, breath, and imagery to facilitate wellness. The premise of this sound /imagery exercise is that we can develop the ability to manifest in our lives that which we most desire. None of us consciously wishes to be ill, or wished I’ll upon others, our conscious and unconscious thoughts have extraordinary power to engender the circumstances of our lives, be it disease or health, boundless joy or repetitive misfortune. It is our collective birthright to experience infinite love, health, harmony, happiness and abundance, and that we can develop the ability to manifest those qualities in our lives. We can develop the ability to bring into reality that which we most desire.

Fundamental Sound and Imagery Meditation:

One of the most powerful ways to manifest health and well being is to conjure an image of your own life force or essence and then animate that image with sound and breath. Begin by closing your eyes and creating a mental picture that represents your essence- a column of pure, vital energy, a rushing waterfall, a bright white light, or any other strong visual manifestation of your essence that feels intuitively meaningful to you. If applicable, invest this image with the power to spur change or regeneration in any part of the body that calls out for healing.

Now further animate this mind picture by combining it with breath and sound. The power of breath is such because it is the quintessential element of life. Perceptible breath us what we feel when the air moves through our nostrils or our mouth. The circular force of breath that draws it in and moves it out is the life energy that comes from our essence. And sound is nothing more than audible breath, a way to manifest our infinite life energy. This exercise uses the sound HU, a basic healing sound, and at the same time that you feel the force behind your breath.

1. Breathe in and out through your nose for one minute. Think the sound HU as you breathe out.

2. Breathe in and out through your mouth. Chant HU with each out breath. Continue for one minute.

3. Breathe in through your mouth and out through your nose. Think HU as you breathe out. Continue for one minute.

4. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Chant HU with each out breath for one minute.

As you open your eyes and return to awareness, hold in your mind the memory of that image, imbued now with the force of sound and breath. Take it with you as you move through your day, as a reminder that you were born with the power to bring into your life sustained periods if serenity, pleasure, and happiness.


The Principles of Sound Healing

Sacred sound, whether as prayer, music, song, incantation or chant, is a vital force. Sound has always been considered a direct link between humanity and the divine. At some point all of the ancient mystery schools taught their students the use of sound s a creative and healing force.

Sound is a major contributing factor to our present States of health and consciousness. The difference between the random sounds of daily life and the focused use of sacred sound is that the latter produces harmony rather than dissonance.

When we learn to produce and direct specific healing sounds through our energy centers (chakras) into the physical body, balance occurs. Our entire energy system is strengthened. We have greater health on all levels, and we can disrupt negative qualities and patterns as they arise within our physical and subtle bodies. It all begins with understanding eight basic principles of healing sound:

The Principle of Resonance

The Principle of Rhythm

The Principle of Melody

The Principle of Harmony

The Principle of Pitch

The Principle of Timbre

The Principle of Accumulative and Detectable Effects

The Principle of Sound as Energy

The Principle of Resonance:  Resonance is the most important healing principle of sound and music. It designates the ability of a vibration to reach out through vibrational waves to set off a similar vibration in another body. It is through resonance we can explain the sympathy and antipathy to other people an conditions in our life environment. It is also tis principle which allows us in the physical to contact and atune to those entities and energies in the spiritual or more ethereal dimensions of life.

The principle of Resonance is most easily demonstrated through the use of tuning fork and a piano. The tuning fork triggers a response in that which is of a similar frequency. Another way is to sit at the piano and depress the sustain pedal. Sing a note loudly and hold the note door 3 to 5 seconds. Now listen. You should hear the piano. Your voice has triggered a response in the piano wires closely in tune with your voice.

Every cell in our body is a sound resonator. It had the capacity of responding to any sound outside of it. Every organ, in which cells of like vibration have gathered to form that organ, will respond as a group to particular sound vibrations. The various systems in the body will also respond to sound vibrations, as will emotional, mental, and spiritual States of consciousness. The human body is a bio-electrical system which can be altered, strengthened, and balanced through the use of sound. This occurs through resonance.

By learning to direct and control our voices, use certain musical instruments or apply various tones and firms of music, we can stimulate an immense number of sympathetic vibrations within our body and mind. Where there is imbalance,  we can use direct sound and the principle of resonance to bring that imbalance back with its normal operating parameters.

Sympathetic vibration or resonance occurs when two or more bodies have similar or identical vibrational frequencies, making them more compatible. There is an innate sympathy. Humans are a microcosm of the universe. This means we have all energies and vibrational frequencies to some degree within us. It means we have an inherent ability to resonate with any vibration within the Universe. This can be on a physical or non-physical level, involving tangible and intangible energies. Even vibrations not recognizably physical but still affecting us can be sensed and felt if the Intuitive and physical perceptions are heightened. This is sometimes called free resonance. An important factor is the individuals Willingness and readiness to respond to a particular frequency.

This tells us much about the relationships we form. It is also because of sympathetic resonance that group rapport is established and individuals respond to the energies of others. In groups that come together for a singular purpose, the purpose serves as the medium for establishing sympathetic resonance among the participants.

******Forced resonance occurs when two energy systems have different frequencies, and the stronger is transmitted to the other by force. This has both positive and negative aspects. Many forms and manifestations of cult activity, manipulation and abuse of mind power can come as a result of forced resonance. It is through forced resonance that such phenomena as peer pressure occurs. The combined force of the group overwhelms the energy of the single individual and forces it into resonance with that group.******

If understood and used correctly, forced resonance can overcome imbalanced conditions in the body and thus bring various organs and systems back into their normal parameters. Forced resonance can be used to restore homeostasis.

The Principle of Rhythm: Rhythm is the pulse of life, and it affects all physical conditions. The drum beat of the Native Americans represents the heart beat of Mother Earth. Rhythm can be used to restore a normal, healthy pulse within a person. Being exposed to a regular, steady rhythm triggers a similar response within your own body’s natural rhythms.

Steady, direct rhythms restore the body’s natural rhythms when they are out of balance. Individuals with heart conditions benefit strongly from listening to Baroque music with its balancing rhythms. It soothes and heals the pulsations of the heart.

In healing practices, rhythms ( through drums, rattles, bells, etc) can energize the body. Rhythms, especially those created through percussion instruments, activate the base and spleen chakras. These are linked to the circulatory system and the basic life force. These are our centers of sexuality, the physical expression of our spiritual vitality. Rhythms stimulate physical energies. Drumming can be a means of increasing blood flow through the body. The rhythms can quicken or slow the heart beat and all organs associated with it.

Drums and rhythms have both healing and spiritual aspects. There are rhythms for every occasion, internal and external. Part of our spiritual quest in life is how we each can personally discover and express our own rhythms. This the shamans knew and taught. It was how they healed and how they traveled to both heaven and hell. We each can find that rhythm which comforts or sounds good to us. ***If it sounds good to us, it is healing and enlightening.

Drum rhythms can trigger resonance within our own biological rhythms. An entrainment begins to occur, and our normal metabolic rhythms are altered to resonate with the rhythm of the drumming.

Shaking Up Negative Energy:  ******The rattle is used in a variety of ways, depending upon the society and the illness. Regardless of the variation, there are some universal patterns to its use. The entire body is encircled. This loosens negative energy patterns that have lodged within the etheric body. Then the rattle is shaken up and down over the body to loosen the energy within the chakras. This allows for easier cleansing of the negative energies, through other methods, by the practitioner.******

Different rhythms affect different physiological systems, including animals. When we consider that various animals never have problems with certain kinds of disease, we may find in the drumming resonance a key to bring or alleviating what we once believed incurable.

The rattle is also one of the oldest healing instruments. It is a cleansing instrument. It can be used to loosen rigid energy patterns that are establishing themselves with our auric field.  This can be perceived like a static or snowy picture on the TV screen. These patterns interfere with physical functions and normal metabolic rhythms.

The process of using a rattle s simple. It is shaken while encircling the body. The sounds of the rattle loosen the rigid energy debris and patterns. It is then shaken while moving it up and down the central meridians of the body ( governing and conception). This loosens energy debris that has accumulated in these pathways and in the major chakras. Once the rigid energy debris is loosened, other healing methods can be used to clear them out entirely.

The Principle of Melody: Melody cannot exist without relationship, and thus it helps us to see how everything is connected. One tone by itself does not create a melody, but as one tone is placed alongside other tones, melody is formed. Melodies, whether spoken, sung, or played on a musical instrument, will soothe and alter emotional and mental stress that can be the cause of physical dis-ease.

Melody can be used to ease stress and to relieve pain. Who has not seen a mother softly sing or hum to a crying child? Often the mother rocks the child while doing so. This rocking activates the principle of Rhythm and it helps soothe the child’s metabolism. The !other, by singing to the child, links her energies to the child (relationship), and the pain or distress is soothed and balanced. ****This is a gentle form of forced resonance. One of the most therapeutic activities we can perform regularly is to hum and sing simple melodies to ourselves. Doing so while on the way home from work restores balance and helps to cleanse us of any negative energy debris we have accumulated in the work environment.

Every melody is comprised of tones that affect us on many levels. It need only be light and simple, and you do not have to sing or hum it, or even be exposed to it for a great length of time. ***Melody is one of the most ideal ways to relax and prevent physical illness.

The Principle of Harmony: Harmony affects our more subtle and spiritual energies. It is through harmony that the physical aspects of our energy can align with our more spiritual. In harmony lies physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of sound. When working with harmony in healing, the simpler the harmony, the better.

A chord is two or more notes sounding simultaneously or in accordance with harmonics. Tones are blended together to create a unity of Vibrations that a single tone can not create. It stabilizes all systems in the body and brings them all into resonance with each other.

Working with harmony is the key to the alchemical process. It is the key to altering, transmuting, raising, lowering, and shifting our energies on all levels. It enables us to transmute major conditions of the body and alter States of consciousness. By finding the right combination of tones and rhythms and their harmonies, we can trigger a dynamic resonance that corrects and eliminates great imbalance.

Harmony reflects itself in all aspects of life. This is especially apparent in unfolding Psychic abilities. As we work to develop one Psychic gift (one tone), others awaken automatically and in harmony with the first. Those areas and systems of energy expression compatible with the first unfold and strengthen. This we can call spiritual harmonics.

The Principle of Pitch: Pitch is the Highness or lowness if a sound. The pitch is determined by the speed at which the sound waves vibrate. The faster the sound waves, the higher the pitch. Thus as we raise our physical and spiritual energy levels, we open to a higher degree of health.

Working with various pitch patterns can help us in shattering rigid energy patterns that are limiting our growth, awareness, and health. Specific pitches will affect specific Chakra centers, and thus their corresponding organs and systems of the body. If a specific organ and it’s corresponding Chakra are overactive or under active, we can use a specifically pitched tone to bring it back into its normal range of operation.

The pitches for the chakras follow the musical scale. These pitched can be sung, played on a musical instrument, or experienced through listening to a piece of music written in the appropriate key, etc. . Learning to sing or tone various pitches in our natural voice is a way of restoring our energies to their own natural level of homeostasis. Something as simple as singing and humming the musical scale can be stabilizing to our energy system and serve as a code of preventative medicine.

The Principle of Timbre: The quality, the distinctive characteristics and the influence of sound is called Timbre or tone color. It is the distinguishing source of all sound. It helps us to identify one sound from another, one voice from another, one instrument from another. Every sound and sound instrument has its own distinguishable characteristic.

It is timbre, along with pitch, which gives us the greatest creative effects when applying healing sound. Timbre creates responses that are consonant or dissonant. Both terms relate to the energy perceptions of the body, mind, and Spirit to outside stimuli and their effects. Different instruments, voices, etc. affect different chakras and systems in our body.

When we respond with consonance to the timbre of various sounds, spoken or otherwise, we develop positive rapport. The cells in our body recognize what sounds are good for us and respond accordingly. The timbre of fingernails across a chalkboard is harsh and grating to the nervous system, while the timbre of a bamboo flute is soothing to the nervous system.

When we respond to sounds with dissonance, our energies are distinguishing those sounds that are not harmonious for us. Such sounds can be musical, they can be spoken as well, such as in the case of excessive criticism, whining, etc. Unless we pay attention to the signals that our bodies give us, we may allow detrimental sounds to impinge upon us unnecessarily.

Part of the application of healing sounds involves learning to control the timbre of the voice to create consonance or dissonance as is needed. Most of us do this naturally. If we wish to be left alone, we will assume a tone if voice that is harsher and more grating to others, pushing them away. If we wish to be friendly, we assume a softer, gentler and light tone.

Through practice we can learn to effect physiological and spiritual changes in ourselves and in others through altering the timbre of our speech, and by employing the timbre of various musical instruments to elicit desired effects.

The Principle of Accumulative and Detectable Effects : The effects of sound are accumulative. The more we are exposed to beneficial sounds, the greater and more permanent effect they have upon our individual energies. The more we are exposed to detrimental sounds, the greater and more negative effects it has upon us in all levels.

Our bodies can discriminate between beneficial and detrimental sounds. These responses affect systems and functions of the body, as well as emotional, mental, and spiritual States. If someone criticizes us, don’t we flinch and caring? Our body responds to spoken sounds. Our bodies respond to all sounds. We need to be more perceptive . We know what sounds good to us. We are drawn to those who speak nicely of us, and we buy pieces of music that we enjoy hearing. We can detect what sounds are beneficial for us and which we need to avoid or cleanse ourselves of if we pay more conscious attention.

The Principle of Sound as Energy: Sound in any of its forms is a source of energy. As a source of energy, it can be used to interact with other energies. Sound, whether through music, voice, etc., is an effective tool for altering electromagnet fields and impulses of the individual and environment.

This means that if an imbalance has occurred within the body’s normal electromagnet parameters (whether it is a distinction of a specific organ or of a particular system), we can utilize sound in one of its forms or combination of forms to restore homeostatis, alleviate pain, and produce healing.

As an energy source, it can be used as a tool for a change of consciousness and to help discern the metaphysical cause of a physical problem. It facilitates concentration, relaxation, learning, creativity, and an increased awareness of psycho-spiritual States. It can interact and help alter brain wave patterns to facilitate this process.

General Methods for Employing Healing Sound Principles

It is good to use these methods for at least a minimum if 15 minutes per session. You can use as many sessions as is necessary to alleviate a problem area, but no more than twice a day should be necessary. The effects are accumulative, so although you may not always see an immediate and tangible response, it will have a discernible effect, as you continue your efforts.

You may use these techniques as a general help for all conditions, or if there is a specific problem, we can use them more directly to alter that condition. Begin by determining which Chakra(s) is being affected. Determine which tone(s) would be beneficial for it. What colors and other vibrational remedies also would work with and England it? Do not be afraid to combine vibrational therapies. This will increase the effects tremendously.

1. Sing the musical scale to balance and align all of the chakras. If you are out of tune initially, continue until you are discernable singing better. This is an audible clue that you have brought yourself into balance. We can discern when sounds are good for us and which are working.

2. Okay a piece of classical music that has been written in the key for the Chakra you wish to focus on. (Do not worry that it may be written with a sharp or flat in the key, as it will still be close enough to be healing).                   Key of:

Base Chakra.           Middle C .   Brahms Symphony No. 1 in C Minor

Spleen Chakra .      D.                 Mahler’s Symphony No. In D Major

Solar Plexus .          E .                Mozart’s Symphony No. 39 in E flat Major

Heart Chakra .        F .                 Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos in F Major

Throat Chakra .      G .                 Bach Brandenburg Concertos in G Major

Brow Chakra .         A .                 Mendelssohn Strung Quartet in A Major

Crown Chakra .      B .                  Bach Brandenburg Concertos in B flat                                                                 Major

3. Learn to play a musical instrument. By learning to play the musical scale you can use the tones to help heal and balance. Play the tones for the Chakra that is imbalanced, repeat playing or hold the tone for several minutes. Follow up by playing the musical scale.

4. ISynthesizers enable you to use various timbres and pitches. You can experiment to find which sounds have the greatest effect upon you.

5. Purchase an inexpensive pitch pipe at a local music store. Periodically play the pitches to restore balance. If you have been exposed to, IR experience certain emotions and attitudes throughout the day, determine which Chakra(s) is likely to be out of balance. Take several minutes bat the end of the day and use that pitch pipe to balance. As you blow upon it, creating the sound, see and feel it being absorbed into the body.

6. Employ sound and tones with etheric touch. If  you are healing another, determine the Chakra that is imbalanced. Hold your hands over it and perform rhythmic breathing. As you breath out, hum the tone or sound for that Chakra as you project the energy through your hands. Try and feel the sound vibration moving through your body. This is especially effective when used with the toning technique.

You may wish to see the tone as an actual CO!or as you project it through etheric touch. See the previous chart to determine the sound and color correspondences appropriate for the Chakra. The effects are intensified.

Metaphysical Principles of Healing Sound

Harmony: Harps, high strings, organ, piano, wind chimes.

Melody: Flutes, woodwinds, strings, piano.

Rhythm: Bass tine, percussion, brass, piano.

The Crown and Brow Chakras: Spiritual: Higher Clairvoyance, Visualization, Spiritual Vision, Cosmic Consciousness. Brow Chakra:  Tone A, Pituitary, Color Indigo, Long E sound.  Crown Chakra: Tone B, Pineal Gland, Color Violet, Long E sound.

The Throat and Heart Chakras: Mental/Spiritual: Healing, Clairaudience, Higher Intuition, Creativity. Heart Chakra:  Tone F, Thymus, Color Green and Pink, Long A sound. Throat Chakra:  Tone G, Thyroid, Color  Blue, Short vowels e, I, ay, u.

The Solar Plexus Chakra: Mental/Emotional: Clairsentience and Psychic ability. Tone E, Adrenals, Color Yellow, “awh” sound.

Spleen Chakra: Emotional/Physical: Creativity. Tone D, Adrenals, Liver, Spleen, Color Orange, Long O sound.

Base Chakra: Physical: Kundalini. Tone C, Gonads and Ovaries, Color Red, long U sound.


Sound Healing: The Cellular Bridge

Sound enters the healing equation from several directions: It may alter cellular functions through energetic effects; it may entrain biological systems to function more homeostatically; it may calm the mind and therefore the body; or it may have emotional effects, which influence neurotransmitters and neuropeptides, which in turn help to regulate the immune system- the healer within. Music is organized sound that has potent emotional effects and stimulates memories, associations, and highly developed psychological States with clear impact in our healing systems.

The most visibly dramatic results of tests using toning,  occurred when musical scales are sung. The human voice carries something in its vibration that makes it more powerful than any musical instrument: Consciousness! It appears that the cancer cells were not able to support a progressive accumulation of vibratory frequencies. As soon as the third frequency was introduced in the sequence, the cells began to destabilize. But the other instruments, particularly the gong with its rich complement of overtones, also causes the cells to disintegrate and ultimately explode.

This finding indicates that the vibration of sound plays a determininant role in the transformation of cellular structure, acting directly at the most subtle level of the human organism. As long as we play the whole chromatic musical scale for the same length of time, different levels of energy were stimulated at the same time and the diseased cell was too disrupted to stabilize. The addition of the vibratory rate became too powerful and the cell could not adapt to it. The cell died because it was not able to accommodate it’s structure and synchronize with the accumulation of sound.

The French physicist Joel Sternheimer, discovered that every human molecule has a particular corresponding musical frequency. “The masses of particles behave and maneuver among themselves as if they were musical notes on the chromatic tempered scale”. The explosions within the cells may be caused by the dissonance between the frequencies of the particles within the cell structure and the sound vibration.

Ernst Chladni, a seventeenth century German scientist and amateur musician, thrilled French scientists and Napoleon himself in 1809 when he proved his thesis that sound vibrations could move matter, by sprinkling sand atop a plate affixed to a pedestal, then drawing a violin bow around the circumference of the plate, thereby rearranging the sand into intricate patterned geometric designs.

The Swiss scientist, Dr. Hans Jenny experiments showed ” The shape of the designs thus created are infinitively varied, depending on the frequency, amplitude, and type of material, and often resemble exquisite kaleidoscopic configurations with three dimensional depth and texture, some of which mimic naturally occurring universal forms, such as snowflakes, flowers, and spirals. He stated, “I was especially fascinated by o learn that chanting the mantra OM produces a series of interlayered concentric diamonds and triangles set within a perfect circle, an image strikingly similar to the Tantric Buddhist mandala that represents the sacred pulsations of creation.

Jenny also states that each human cell has its own frequency, and that the frequency of every human organ may be a harmonic of its component cells. Thus, we are offered the intriguing  idea that these signature frequencies hold the key to unlocking the mystery of how sound can be used to heal on the cellular and genetic levels.

Disease is an interruption of an organs harmonious molecular relationship. The body can heal itself by promoting a state of chemical and homeostatic balance. By intercepting the electrical messages transmitted via the central nervous system to individual cells,   cymatic signals allow the coding that cells understand. Each tissue has been given an H-factor (harmonic factor), according to the signal emitted. The cymatic instrument adjusts acoustic audible sound frequencies in order to introduce beneficial stimulation, activation, and circulation when applied to the body via direct contact with affected areas or byway of acupuncture meridians. This was introduced into the United States over thirty years ago. Many other advances have occurred since then.

All Healing comes from within


Health is the ideal balance between all major parts of our being, body, mind, and soul, in conjunction with our environment and all we encounter. To ignore any one aspect is to deprive yourself of health.

The body heals itself. This healing can be initiated from an outside source, which serves to set the healing process in motion. Before any true healing can occur, there are certain pre-requisites:

1. The individual must understand their own basic health patterns, including strengths and weaknesses. We must come to know our body and it’s response to outward influences, its basic strengths and weaknesses, what we can handle and what we cannot. A dis-ease manifestation most often occurs in a weak area of the body. This weakened area can be the result of stress or even a susceptiblity due to the basic genetics of the individual.

If we are aware of such weaknesses and susceptibilities, we can take measures to strengthen them and protect ourselves from imbalance. We have a tremendous ability to effect changes in these patterns.

2. The individual must learn to see all physical conditions as symptoms. All physical imbalance, dis-ease, and illness is a symptom only. There is something else, be it an emotional IR mental pattern, stress, etc, that has promoted and instigated the physical symptom. The physical dis-ease is a call to attention by the physical body. It is the body’s way of telling us that something has gotten out of balance.

3. The individual must take responsibility and seek out alternatives that affect the whole being. We must be willing to widen our perspectives and implement the alternatives necessary to restore health and balance on all levels. There are always alternatives. We each must find the method or combination of methods that suits our own energy system, physical and otherwise.

In discovering the alternatives that work for you, you must consider all aspects of your being. Your emotions, your thought patterns, and your spiritual perspectives are as important to your health as the physical state of the various systems, tissues, and organs of the body.

4. The individual must employ common sense in the maintenance of balanced health.  This proper care should at the very least include:

Proper diet, proper exercise, proper rest, and proper breathing.

We are multi-dimensional beings. We operate from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions simultaneously. Metaphysical means beyond the physical. It implies causation beyond the physical. We think, feel, act, and react from a physical awareness, but we are more than just physical beings. Those thoughts and feelings, although not tangibly physical, do affect physical conditions and perspectives. They are a dimension to our Essence that very strongly affects our physical well-being.

Most disease stems from a metaphysical base. It dies not usually originate in the physical body IR in the environment. Those things of the physical environment that we attribute to dis-ease mist often ( viruses, bacteria, etc.) are around us all the time. It is our metaphysical aspects, that make us susceptible to their Manifesting a problem. Imbalanced emotions, attitudes, and thoughts will depleat our natural physical energies and immunities so that we are more likely to catch a cold or manifest some other problem. Even when illness results from lack of exercise or poor diet, the emotional and mental causes if such habits should be explored.

What we think, sets the energy in motion for what we will experience, particularly in regard to our health.  Inside each of us is a level of our subconscious that responds literally, like a child, to all of our thoughts and expressions. This level also works to maintain our health. It takes our thoughts, feelings, and expressions, and sets them in motion sio they can manifest.

That level of the subconscious directs much of what manifests in our bodies and our environments. It responds literally to our thoughts, feelings, and expressions. This is our inner child.

Our health is our choice. The inner subconscious child, is always aware of everything. If we are constantly telling and criticizing ourselves, our inner child, it’s no wonder our lives do not work. Some say they can’t help how they feel and think about themselves. They say that it’s what they have experienced their whole life. That is sad, but it’s sadder still if we Choose to continue those patterns when we can change them. We can’t change the past, but our future, particularly our future health, is being shaped by our current thoughts and feelings. If we change our thoughts we can change our life.

As we begin to work with healing energies, but will become increasingly apparent that most imbalances arise from some expression of non-love towards ourselves. We must begin to realize that only we are responsible for our thoughts and feelings. Only we will suffer their consequences, good, bad, or indifferent. If we continue to focus upon the negative, we create imbalance within our emotional and mental beings, and these will work themselves into an imbalance with our physical body as well.


The Breaking Point

As I look at people, I see etched on their faces the evidence of their anguish, not all of which has been caused by the onset of illness. I see the sadness of their unfulfilled dreams, misplaced guilt, unexpressed anger. Many have reached the “breaking point”- the point in their lives when they have exhausted the familiar coping patterns they adopted in childhood. This is the moment when a person’s old psychological defenses begin to collapse. Even those who are most stuck in the past, stubbornly attached to their defense mechanisms, are often desperate enough to look beyond their condition and experiment with a healing modality they might not otherwise have considered trying.

We don’t have to be confronted with life threatening illness to reach one of life’s breaking points. A marriage gone bad, a death in the family, financial problems, a long term emotional distress, any of these issues may be enough to prompt us to move beyond our superficial anxieties and concerns.

We can heal the wounds buried deep within our psyche by contemplating our problems from a broader perspective, distanced from our ego. When we react from a loving, peaceful state of mind and heart, our words, thoughts, actions, and feelings are all connected with the Infinite energy of the universal life force. And short of devoting twenty years to studying with a spiritual master, sound is the simplest, most direct route to achieve the sense of profound calm that allows us to move into that peaceful inner place, our Essence.

Once we move through the shadow States of negative emotion, we can finally transcend our ego orientated preoccupations. Sound modalities in combination with meditation help us to achieve a spiritual awakening that involves reaching and finally becoming our Essence.

Perceiving the world and ourselves from our Essence does not mean that we no longer have thoughts, feelings, or personality traits, rather, we are not defined by our thoughts, feelings and traits. We must climb a metaphoric ladder of healing and resolution from one level of consciousness to the next, from lower ego based identifications and body based emotions to higher States of spiritual awareness. Much as we might wish to, we can’t skip over all the messy difficulties in our relationships and personal development, the stuff we often deal with in psychotherapy, the memories, conflicts, and feelings, and leapfrog our way to spiritual awakening. We have to work through these difficulties, by means of therapy as well as meditation, sound, and imagery. We can then continue with these same methods in order to move to higher states of consciousness, Essence. When we find and embrace Essence, our personal identity becomes one with a higher identity, and our experience of ourselves and the world is one of boundless compassion and acceptance.

We all tend to identify the whole of our selves with the limited aspect of mind commonly called “ego”. Ram Dass States “Your ego is a set of thoughts that define your Universe. It’s like a familiar room built of thoughts; you see the Universe through its windows. You are secure in it, but to the extent that you are afraid to venture outside, it has become a prison. Your ego has you conned! You believe you need it’s specific thoughts to survive. The ego controls you through fear of loss of identity. To give up these thoughts, it seems, would eliminate you, do you cling to them”.

The parts of ourselves we identify as ego are important. Indeed, the thoughts, feelings, and traits we call ego help us to satisfy our Desires and remain safe and secure in the world. However, when we identify our complete selves as ego, we make a dangerous mistake, for ego is only a small part of our unlimited nature.

We need to move from ego to Essence. Essence is an infinite, living awareness.

When we identify ourselves as our ego’s, our view of ourselves and the world becomes the cause of our suffering, it feeds the isolation, meaninglessness, and ultimate sense of disconnection that leads to despair and often, to physical illness. When our sights are trained solely on the daily grind of family problems and work pressures, we may realize that we have lost our perspective on the larger reality that connects us with the universe. Our Essence, which always exists here and now, seems to slip entirely from the realm of consciousness. We try different ways to bury ourselves in ways to remain dissociated from our Essence, such as overwork, or harmful distractions. Sounds is the perfect modality to enable us to release ourselves from our years of posturing and hiding.

The Sufis have long recognized that the narrow perspective of the ego is dangerously limited and Ultimate misguided. Sufi contemplative and ritual practices encourage people to imagine how God would see their difficulties and their world. How would the center of creation view our problems? We can use imagination, the thinking mind’s link to higher centers of consciousness, to find and inhabit a higher perspective, that of Essence.

When we live from our Essence, we can achieve fulfillment on every level of consciousness, from instinctual to intellectual, from emotional to spiritual. No part of our consciousness or being is left out of the Essence equation. When we use meditation, sound, and Imagery to experience life from our Essence, we reestablish our connection with the following:

Harmony: Life is to be experienced, not judged, condemned, or repressed. The anxious or repressed mind, fraught with egoistic concerns, can produce only thoughts of the past (regrets, guilt, or charged memories), or of the future ( worries, fears, and dreams). When we live our lives solely from these ego based perspectives, we are no longer grounded in present reality. When we live in self condemnation, regret, or fantasy, we suppress our life force or Essence, which is grounded in the present moment. We reestablish harmony when we use awareness to anchor ourselves in the present, and to allow our life force to flow in an unimpeded fashion.

Authenticity: The truth is not ossified; it is fluid. It is not mystical; it is real. It us not distant, but very present within each of us. Our true selves, who we are, our Essence, is an energy that we can tap into, a felt reality that sound interventions enable us to fully experience. For most of us, the loss of innocence and authenticity occurred when we forgot how to FEEL the Essence or Life Force within our own being.

Strength: When you reclaim your Essence you come from a position of strength in all areas of your life. When you live from a soul level, you gain independence and trust, garnering respect from others because your energy and authenticity are so completely evident.

Transformability: Living from Essence empowers you to change aspects of yourself, your health, your environment, or your living conditions. It means the possibility of a total break with the past. Who you think you are is just a condition, but you change the condition. As such, you can wholly transform aspects of your health, relationships, work, beliefs, traits, etc.

Developing harmony, authenticity, strength, and the ability to transform oneself is possible only when you move beyond ego toward Essence. But stress management techniques alone are not sufficient to achieve this transition. While meditation is a powerful tool. We need to move to a deep level, where our perspective shifts from ego to Essence.  Our Essence is a form of vibratory energy.

Essence, Energy, and Oneness: Essence is energy. The Japanese call it Ki, the Chinese call it Chi, Christianity teaches the eternity and Presence of God. Buddhists teaches Oneness of consciousness. Lao Tzu called it Tao. According to Daniel Reid, an expert in Chinese medicine, the three most effective syllables are OM, which stabilizes the body, AH which harmonizes energy and HUM which concentrated the spirit.

The Chinese have recognized that sound and breath are repositories of life energy and can be manipulated in a positive manner to restore balance to our body-mind systems. Once this balance is cultivated, we become centered again in our Essence, and the telltale sign is the conspicuous “glow” or “radiance” that we exude.

We are by nature dynamic Psychic beings, and we often find ourselves going in opposite or at least several directions at the same time. One “positive” direction represents the Infinite, trust ; while the other “negative” direction represents the finite, fear of the future. We cannot simply talk ourselves out of the negative state and embrace the positive one that leads us back to our birthright of infinite love and acceptance. We can use sound to organically and harmoniously accept the duality before we transcend it and move on to embrace unity consciousness. Energetic Re-Creation is a technique to accomplish this.

Our thoughts are incredibility powerful. When we consistently focus on feelings of fear, shame, rage, and sorrow, we manifest these conditions in our lives. When we shift our focus to our Essence, we bring new levels of healing and homeostasis into our lives.

When we practice Energetic Re-Creation, we can achieve deeper levels of harmony that allow us simply to observe our thoughts as they float through our consciousness. When we learn how to quiet our thinking processes, the constant chatter of “monkey mind” finally ceases.

In our relationship with the world and with others, we tend to react from our ego, whose mission is to defend us from psychological threats. The ego thus views itself as “right” and any entity that opposes it as “wrong”. This Psychic polarization leads to internal and external conflict. As part of this process, which is fueled by well intentioned lessons from our parents, teachers, and religious leaders, we ” split off” parts of ourselves that society judges unacceptable. Our ego’s keeps us in line by repressing unacceptable sides of ourselves.

Energetic Re-Creation gives voice to and transcend the five specific polarities that are positive/negative emotional traps from which many of us never escape:

Trust/Fear of the Future


Love of Self/Lack of Self Esteem



Energetic Re-Creation Meditation for Releasing Your Fear of the Future and Creating Trust:

You can follow the same model for each of the five polarities.

Prepare yourself for this mediation by finding a quiet place where you can sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Take several deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose, filling the space from your abdomen all the way up to your collarbones with air. Then exhale slowly through your mouth, reversing the process. Concentrate on each breath. Observe your breathing for several minutes without trying to control it. Visualize in your upper abdomen or solar plexus a clear, still, blue mountain lake. Feel your breath flowing into this lake. With each breath direct your inner attention to the following positive thoughts:

Infinite love, infinite peace, infinite wisdom, infinite harmony, infinite healing, infinite life, infinite light, infinite success, infinite possibilities, infinite health, infinite hope, infinite energy, infinite courage, infinite strength.

1. Experience any fear of the future that most concerns you at this time. It may be something that you are afraid will happen at a later date, or a future event over which you fear you have no control. Experience this fear as a sound, AAH, RAH, or HEE ( as in Me). As we move to the next step, shift your awareness to your Essence. Visualize it as a white light located above the crown of your head.

2. Sense the harmonic sound of your Essence. Examples might be LAM MA SAM or HOME LEE SUME.

3. Surrender or release the sound of your fear of the future by attaching the consonant “M” to the end of it. Examples might be AAHN, RAHM, or HEEM.

4. Empower this harmony by inhaling deeply and pronouncing the sound you created in step 3, drawing it over the course of your entire exhalation. Repeat this five or six times.

5. Nurture the harmony by alternating your Essence Sound with the transformed negative sound. Continue chanting as you play your bowl or sound tape for five to ten minutes. Try to bring your voice into resonance with the sound of the bowl or instrument. As you chant, feel your fear of the future coming into harmony with your sense of trust.

6. Create further trust by chanting the sound of the transformed feeling of your fear of the future while playing the bowl. Notice how the negative feeling has lost its disharmonious emotional charge. Continue doing this for two to three minutes.

7. Embody the energy of trust by visualizing your entire physical body as being composed of billions of cells. Visualize the cells as being composed of trillions of molecules, and these molecules in turn composed of trillions of atoms. Visualize the atoms moving, as well as the vast amount of space within and between them.

8. While playing your bowl or other instrument, chant your Essence Sound and visualize the sound traveling to the space within and between all the atoms that comprise your physical body. Visualize and feel their vibrations becoming more harmonious as you chant the Essence Sound for two to three minutes. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, reciting each of the following infinite affirmations during the entire exhalation: infinite love, infinite light, infinite peace, infinite harmony, infinite trust.

Healing profound pain, healing the negative energy we have been carrying from an early age and replacing anger with forgiveness, a fear of the future with a sense of trust in what lies ahead, a lack of self esteem with a burgeoning love of Self. This is the outcome when observing the world from the perspective of Essence rather than ego.

People who are ill need to recognize the possibility of healing before they can heal themselves. They need to recognize their spiritual capabilities and power. Too many of us go through life with little or no awareness of the healing energy that lies dormant within.

When we practice Essence Sound Meditation s in order to awaken the soul and incorporate the five spiritual oaths of Energetic Re-Creation, cwe establish an equilibrium among mind, body, and Spirit. In this state of balance, the mind is at peace, the body is healthy, and the Spirit soars.

As we move constantly closer to a oneness with Spirit, To a unity with the Infinite nature of the Universe, we are privileged to experience every moment through the eyes of the soul and to realize a life of authenticity. If allowed to unfold without judgement, attack, or conditioned mind plans, our Life Force, our Essence reveals to each of us our unique, divine inner truth and the path we are meant to pursue.

Vibrational Healing Techniques

The Journey Begins


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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

The intellectual and spiritual godfather of sound medicine was Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher and mathematician who lived from about 580 to 500 BCE. Pythagoras is credited as the first person to take an organized approach to using music as a healing technique.

The seventeenth-century Dutch scientist Christian Huygens noticed that the pendulums of two clocks, hung side by side, would begin of their own accord to swing to the same identical rhythm. The reason entrainment occurs is that the more powerful rhythmic vibrations of one object, when projected upon a second object with a similar frequency, will cause that object to begin to vibrate in resonance with the first object. We human being also react in resonance with the vibrations and fluctuations in our surroundings, so it follows that our physiological functioning may be altered by the impact of sound waves, whether produced by our own voices or by objects or instruments in our environment.

Take a Deep Breath: Preserving Homeostasis In The Body-Mind. Sound is a manifestation of breath, and breath is the most fundamental aspect of life. Breathing is much more than a mechanical reflex for oxygen exchange; it is the basis for all our cellular functions; our energetic well-being, even our emotional health.

Yoga is a three-thousand-year-old discipline whose goal is to create a sense of harmony with the universe by integrating the mind, body and spirit. The word yoga means union, and its three-part practice of postures, breath work, and meditation is designed to take us beyond the transitory concerns and pleasures to a discovery and awareness of our highest self. Prana, the universal life energy, flows through the nourishes every cell in our bodies; pranayama is the Vedic science of controlling the breath in order to direct the prana and thereby balance both body and mind.

In shallow breathing, the diaphragm, doesn’t move downward sufficiently, so that the lungs never fully expand into the abdomen. As a result, the lower portions of the lungs, which are filled with small blood vessels that carry oxygen to our cells, hardly receive oxygen. In an effort to compensate for this inadequate oxygen intake, our heart rate and blood pressure increase, as our cardiovascular systems work overtime. In deep abdominal breathing the diaphragm moves freely and forcefully downward, allowing ample room for the bottom portion of the lungs to fill up with oxygen. The result is more than adequate oxygen exchange; we take in substantial amounts of oxygen during inhalation and expel more than enough carbon dioxide during exhalation.

Shallow breathing is also evidence that the body is in a perpetual state of “flight or flight, the stress response to external danger or anxiety provoking events. This is a natural mind-body reaction to stress,our adrenal glands pump out stress hormones such as adrenaline, the musculoskeletal system goes into a taut state of preparedness, and heart rate and blood pressure become elevated.

The first thing we notice when breath is studied, is that breath is audible. We use breath, and therefore sound. To maintain harmony in our bodies. Music therapy has increasingly come to be recognized as a practical and productive application for a wide range of physical, emotional and mental conditions. Music, whether produced by voice, instrument or the two in concert, restores our connection with our essence, the realm beyond our conscious awareness, and thus, with the cosmos. Crystal bowls and guided imagery shifts brain waves into alpha and Theta States, and thus achieve a state of relaxation that is highly conductive to healing.