The Test

There must be doubt before there can be conflict.

The Test of everything is, "What is it for?". The answer makes it what it is for You. It has no meaning of itself, yet you give reality to it, according to the purpose that you serve.

Life is really very simple. What we give out, we get back. The Universe totally supports every thought we choose to Think and to Believe. When we are little, we learn how to feel about ourselves and about Life by the reactions of the adults around us. Whatever these beliefs are, they will be re-created as experiences as we grow up. However, we are dealing with Thought patterns, and the Point of Power is always in the Present Moment. Thoughts are ideas and can be changed at any time.

How many times have we felt inferior because we were told we should be smarter, or do things differently, or any other judgment from other people? No matter what the problem seems to be, there is only one Original Cause!! Loving the Self. Love is the greatest Power in All Creation!!!!!! Love is the Miracle Cure! Loving ourselves has been sidetracked from our lives in every conceivable way, and from numerous directions.

Vanity or arrogance is not love, it is fear. Love is having a great respect for ourselves and a gratitude for the Miracles of our bodies and our minds. Love is appreciation.

Ways we don't Love ourselves:

1. We avold and criticize ourselves endlessly.

2. We mistreat our bodies with food, alcohol and drugs.

3. We choose to believe we are unlovable.

4. We are afraid to charge a decent price for our services. We are afraid to ask for    

     a raise.

5. We procrastinate about things that would benefit us.

6. We live in chaos and worry.

7. We create debt and burdens.

8. We attract lovers and mates that belittle us or abuse us.

9. If we deny our good, in any way, it is an act of not loving ourselves.

10. Lack of self-worth.

11. Our partner is tired and grouchy. We wonder what We have done wrong to cause it.

12. Our bodies do not match those in Cosmopolitan or Elle magazine, and we feel


13. We don't get what we want so we are sure that we are "not good enough".

14. We are afraid of intimacy and allowing anyone to get too close, so we have a      anonymous sex.

15. We can't make decisions because we are sure they were all be wrong.

How do you express your self-worth?

Get to a mirror and look deeply into your eyes, say your name, and say, " I Love You and accept you exactly as you are". This simple exercise shows so much. We are able to get to some of the core issues that are beneath the problem. If we work only on the level the problem, we can spend endless time working out each and every detail, and the minute we think we have it all fixed up, it will crop up somewhere else.

The problem is rarely the real problem. So, here is a new client who has just looked into the harmless mirror, under protest, and they are all upset. I smile with delight and say, "Good, now we are looking at the real problem. Now we can begin to clear out what is really standing in your way".

We have gotten to the bottom line, and they say, " I'm not good enough". They realize the central issue. They criticize themselves because they have "Learned To Believe" they are not good enough. Now we do not have to bother with any of the side effects such as body problems, relationship problems, money problems, or lack of creative expression. We can utilize all our energy into dissolving the cause of the whole thing: Not Loving The Self!