The First Step

The First Step

The fastest way to activate your goal/desire to receive it in your life is to: STOP,  REFLECT, and SET AN INTENTION. Without a solid, clear intention of what you want, how will the Universe, God, or Source, or even You, know what to send you?

Sometimes when there are difficult times, and everything seems to be falling apart, it is hard to know where to begin. So, instead, realize and say, "I don't know why this is all happening, but one thing I know for sure, something great, huge,  amazing is going to come out if this, because I'm not going through all this stuff for nothing! Or use any positive statement that declares you are open to receive great financial abundance, love, health, and a exciting, wonderful, astonishing life, bigger than you can imagine! I'm ready!

Trust the process, believe in good, surrender the conditioned mind to peace and calmness. Always keep your thoughts and words positive, because negative language is filled with self-limiting energy.

Once you have done this, Wait and pay attention to your world.

To most successful people, the " How" is not important. They first figure out "What". What is the Big dream? That's where to begin, with the What. The How comes later. Take the time to really think about that. You can turn any area of your life around in a big way, and attract miracles to make it happen. With this you are beginning to claim the life you desire.

Action Step: If there were not any obstacles in your way and you knew that anything you did, you would be successful, what would you do? What would you accomplish? What would you have in your life? Who would you have in your life? How would you be living your life? Write it all out. Allow the creative part of you to flow and FEEL the excitement of this new life you are creating.