Attain a Balanced Life

Love and Letting Go.

We must find a balance between engaging life aggressively and seizing opportunity at all costs and  the other side, of approaching life with acceptance and receptivity so we can surrender to the larger creative process. We can stop hoarding, stop taking more than we need, because there is and always has been enough for everyone. We can trust that what lies ahead may actually be better than what we see now. 

Stop grasping at the past and start living more optimistically and imaginatively. Then instead of worrying about the sun setting, we can enjoy the evening stars and look forward to the sun rising again at just the right time. The obsession with losing what we have, our youth, our belongings, our loved ones, our health, begins to fade when our relationship with loss becomes a healthy one.

Entropy is a law of physics that says that everything in the universe is moving toward chaos and disorder, toward breakdown and death. Temporary disorder and disorientation are necessary preludes to reorganization at a higher level. This is what we experience when we begin a new relationship, a new carer. Change holds danger but also the potential for something new, and better to begin. This is the natural order of the Universe. 

Once we face our fear and experience the sense of loss and despair in our bodies, no longer denying it or running away from it, the fear dissipates. Then we can immerse ourselves in the chaos of creation of new life. Total immersion into the new is the only way to experience full initiation into a new stage of being and perceiving. Allowing ourselves to be truly terrified by the unknown, we can let go of the safety of the old and plunge into unfamiliar waters, aware of the risks but excited by the possibilities. 

All desire for unconditional love is really a longing for Spirit, for the true Beloved, who alone can love unconditionally,  and can never be lost. 

It takes courage to stay with fear and breathe into that emotion, and enduring it and then let it go.  Running  away from it or try to subdue it, never works for very long.