You must remember: The energy from your core is infinitely positive. As long as you are aware of that, nothing negative can harm you. Our infinitely positive and loving Essence is the most potent weapon we have for battling aggression and negativity.

Close your eyes, inhale slowly, and on the exhalation begin a meditation to visualize becoming the energy of your Essence. Move deeper and deeper toward the core of your being, gathering strength to thwart whatever evil intentions another may have. Remain utterly calm and silently chant your life song and focus on OM chant. 

Visualize waves of Positive energy radiating from the Infinite essence of the Universe, vibrations of the most subtle frequency resonating with the vibrations emanating from your own Essence. Do not doubt your safety, Trust! Refocus on entraining your inner sound with the vibrational energies of the Universe. Keep your conviction of total acceptance of trust and serenity.

Developing your Intuition means cultivating your faculty for allowing the vibrations from Heaven to be received directly into your body. Entraining with universal energies and following your deepest instincts is a sure path to healing.

Guided Imagery and Music technique, draws on carefully chosen pieces of classical music to summon from the subconscious deeply embedded images and mythic representations.

Guided Imagery and Music Exercise:

Find a quiet place where you can relax for fifteen to thirty minutes without interruption. Have a notebook or journal near.

Formulate a Focus. Identify an area of concern, or one for which you wish to generate a flow of creative ideas. Write it in your journal. This step is like posting a question to your inner Self. In order for your focus to be productive, it is necessary to have a sense of personal relatedness to the issue. Write down any random thoughts that are on the surface of your mind, as if you were “clearing the decks” before beginning a journey. Then choose the music that fits.

Choosing the Music. Earth music provides a “safe container” with music that I’d supportive while stimulating a wide range of imagery experience. It invites you into the reveries and feelings of the inner world:

Beethoven: Symphony no. 7, movement II

Beethoven: Symphony no. 9 in D Minor, movement III

Brahms: Symphony no. 4, movement II

Debussy: Prelude a l’apres-midi d’un faune

Ravel: Daphnis et Chloe, suite no. 2, part I

Fire Music evokes strong feelings that encourage exploration of the more “heated” emotions. This music provides the intensity that strong feelings require in order to be expressed.

Bach: Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

Brahms: Piano Concerto no. 2, Allegro non troppo

Brahms: Symphony no. 3 in F Major, op. 90, movement I

Debussy: La Mer, movement I

Air Music releases the imaginative forces. While stimulating a free flow of creative connections, it awakens the creative imagination. The fludity and wide sweep of the sounds helps to evoke multiple impressions for creative brainstorming.

Bach: Orchestral Suite no. 3 in D Major, movement II

Beethoven: Symphony no. 9, movement I

Berlioz: Symphonies fantastique, movement II

Ravel: Introduction and Allegro

Water music is emotional music. It awakens and allows feelings to come to the surface to be explored and, within the imagery, to be expressed. Water music is especially evocative of more tender emotions.

Bartok: Music for Strings, Percussion, and Celesta, movement I

Beethoven: String Quartet in C Major,op. 131

Brahms: Symphony no. 2, movement III, Andante

Debussy: Dances Sacred and Profane

Relaxation Exercise: In order to change to an inward focus, the body requires a brief interval to relax. This interval provides a signal to the body-mind that enables it to change gears, as it were, and attend to the images and sensations that will soon appear. Loosen any constricting clothing. Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply, turning the focus inward while scanning the body for tension spots. Allow yourself to feel, with every outflow of breath, that you are releasing tension. Feel the muscles relaxing. Allow your shoulders to release, your neck and head and any other places where you are holding tension. As you breathe out tension, you will actually be eliminating tension and stress. Beginning with your feet, progressively focus your breathing on your lower body, then midsection, shoulders, and head as you continue to consciously breathe out tension from the whole body.

Traveling in Inner Space with Music: As the music begins, surrender to it. Allow it to carry you into an experience. Keep the attention focused on the emerging imagery. As a scene forms, let yourself become involved with it. If, for example, a forest scene emerges, enter it. If a path is seen, follow it. If a person appears, you can talk with him or her. Since the Intuition is often an active force in this process, allow yourself to sense what to do or where to go with the imagery. Whether you are fully aware or not, the music carries the imagery along, encouraging it to take on dimension, movement, feeling, and drama. Be spontaneous and let the music take you to….wherever you need to go!

Returning: As the music ends, spend a moment reviewing what you have experienced. Allow yourself to return to your normal state gradually. The images and impressions are still in raw form, somewhat like recalling a dream. They may require associational processing to make connections to your original focus. To begin this possession work, write down what you remember along with any associations that immediately occur. Give the experience a title. This helps to organize large amounts of associational material. It works best to give a title that relates to its content rather than one that is allegorical.

Write a brief account of the experience.

Intuition always exists in you.

It was there from the beginning.

It is not man-made, nor does it need to be.

It is within you.

It is around you.

It is you.

There is no need to search for it.

You simply need to become aware of it.

Become aware that you are a spirit from God.

You are no longer asleep.

You are no longer dreaming.

You have come to see the truth.

The truth is

That you are a child of God,

Shining brightly.