We are founded on the understanding and application of the universal laws of deliberate creation. We believe we all already have the answers within ourselves, to any questions we may have. There is a natural process of evolution always at work and when we learn to listen  and cooperate with it, the best outcomes we desire unfold naturally and effortlessly.  The role of a coach is not to offer guidance or give advice, but to simply guide our clients back to the source of their own inner wisdom. Only you know all the  information about your problem or situation, and under stress it is quite difficult to see just what is possible to achieve when all you can see is what is now. Powerful questions aimed at expanding your perspective of the situation is necessary. Also you will be helped to release the negative emotions of fear, worry and anxiety, which only increases the problems severity and lessens the clarity of mind needed to achieve the desired results.

We work together by internet, email and phone technology to resolve any problems you may encounter.  You do not have to leave the comfort of your home, and the conversations are fast and confidential. 

MercyandBliss online Textbook: 

Clients can access all information at any time. Conversations can only reveal topics currently on a clients mind. To permanently change, would take extensive time and knowledge of their past experiences and their current "running" beliefs and thoughts. Only the client can know these. So with continual input of knowledge to them, at their own desired speed, and with personalized exercises for them to adapt into their lives, they can Change their Thoughts and thus Change their lives.

MercyandBliss Assignments:

This is a Coaching tool that is personalized to each client's needs and goals.

 Here assignments are accessed.

Email and Phone:

Everyone needs to talk to a friendly advisor. Also, Education is actually a very personal thing, requiring "studying" in the best way for us, meaning:

1. Reading to gain knowledge.

2. Thinking and understanding what was read.

3. Relating these ideas to yourself and your life, and finding the areas that these ideas need to be applied.

4. Applying these ideas and testing their effectiveness for you.

5. Everyone learns in different ways. If one idea isn't working, another idea can be used to reach the goal.

So with this system you have:

1. An online Textbook to continually reference, to increase your knowledge to help you understand what you need to know. This is an online personal help and advancement tool that you can access anytime and at your own speed and need.

2. An online Assignment tool, you can access anytime.

3. Email and Phone Help, which can help you upon the times when you need updates or help. Remember it is only You that can utilize this knowledge to Change your Life by personal reflection, unbending actions, focused thoughts, positive emotions, ability to never give up the quest toward the goal/desire until attained, and gratitude to our Creator for His help in attaining this. Then, nothing can stop us.

4. You then Email or Phone me to let me know your progress and/or concerns and when you are ready for the next assignment.

5. Permanent Change only comes from Your own hard work and Your own willingness to "Let Go" of the obstacles causing your problems. You gain the knowledge of how to find these obstructions as you watch your own thoughts and actions and from the revelations the course information triggers. No one else can do this for you. You apply the new ideas to your life using the assignments and textbook as a reference. You get 1-1 help from Email and Phone. 

6. Another help to accomplishment of your goal is that everything is in writing. Your Emails and the Textbook and the Assignments you Email to me and my return Emails are all written so they may be reviewed, nothing is lost or misinterpreted, as is possible in verbal communication.


There are several important, basic concepts for you to understand in order for you to get fast and accurate results thru coaching.  The truth is that you must be willing to fully engage a new way of thinking and reacting to life. We need to find deeper truths about our limitless nature, and then we must do the work to assimilate these new understandings into our active life.

We are capable of so much more, with so much less effort. But in order to use these capacities, which we already possess,  and make them work for us, we need to set up some basic understandings that will need your cooperation to implement. The challenge is really, to be willing to change our worn out ideas, thoughts, perceptions and habits of action. We have to be able to recognize what is not working, and it is this that is causing our problems, and it is not due to anyone else or anything exterior to ourselves.

You were born an expansive child of the Infinite. You learned how to shut that down and protect yourself from the world around you. We need a way to remind us to get back to our heart felt nature. Decide that there is nobody else thinking your thoughts but you. 

 Understand the expansive thoughts of prosperity, perfect health, loving relationships, etc come from you. And the protective, scared, self-sabotaging one's come from someone else, the person/child, from your early years of life.

The inner world creates the outer world. Your beliefs, created from your childhood, is the person you learned to be. This began your conditioned mind. There is only one part of us that does not support us, and that is our habitual way of thinking, our conditioned mind.

Yet, you were born with unlimited capabilities and powerful tools with which to create your world. And it is the remembering of these capabilities and actively putting them to use for you, that will exchange what you currently see as your life into what your true potential is. There is nothing to attain, only the remembering of what you already possess.

Here are the starting points that we need to implement:

1. Silencing your useless mental chatter.

2. Changing our self-sabotaging limiting beliefs.

3. Understanding your power of Choice.

4. Ways to overcome feeling overwhelmed, and other negative emotions.

5. Understanding awareness and living in the Present time. Not living in the past nor future time, where you have no power.

6. Knowing deeply that you do not have to take what the mind says as gospel. You have no idea how many of your thoughts, feelings, and actions are based on some kind of fear, including approval and control.

Are you ready to make the change? So it is time to Stop, REFLECT, and Set the Intention to be the very best that we can be. And, that is the Intention to live without limits!

 Exercise:  Find a new "story" of you and your life. Identify the old "stories" you have repeatedly told yourself and others about yourself and your life. Write a short fairy tale, no more than one page, about a man or woman locked up in a castle dungeon. How did the prisoner come to be there? What are the beliefs and fears keeping him or her there?  

Sit quietly and allow a new vision for yourself and your life to emerge. Write a new story in which you are free, leaving the castle for the unknown, meeting challenges and opportunities, creating a new destiny. Identify the strengths and beliefs on which you new story is based.

For more Coaching information see pages 2 and 3, and more.