Assignment #2

Live in a state of what you call defeat, without despair. What would your day be like if you were defeated at every turn, but reacted with no  anger or resentment or hopelessness, or fear?Spill your coffee, the car breaks down,  you have a spat with your family, etc. If you will let these things just happen to you without reacting to them with conditioned mind, ego, there will be neither defeat nor despair. Both are merely reactions of the conditioned mind.  Who really expects everything in the universe to bend to just our demands at the expense of all other life purposes? 

Winning by losing:

1. To be in a negative state while knowing it need not be this way.

2. Rid yourself of the false notion that things should turn out the way you desire.

3. It will reveal things.

Unless we are right within ourselves, we cannot really enjoy the exterior world of nature and social activities. We only use them as distractions from our secret sorrows. But when we are One with ourselves, we are One with everything. There are no conflicting divisions between the Inner and the Outer world. Then, daily activities are pleasant, easy, rewarding.

We fail to see contradictions, for no one can see what he is unwilling to see. Self-study breaks down the walls between reality and illusions thus making us whole.

Watch for minor disappointments and annoyances. Become aware that you are disappointed or annoyed, and stop right there. Do not wrestle with these little foxes. Quietly watch as they appear, pass, and disappear. Just Let Them Go. 

Whenever you catch a mental movie, a horror movie, running through your mind, when you find yourself repeating nagging negative thoughts, shake them off at once. REFUSE to be dragged along by the spell. In its place, be aware of where you are and what you are doing. Every time you do this you weaken your self hypnosis and strengthen your self command.

Whenever confused about anything, you must place awareness of your confusion first. By doing this you create a healthy shock inside yourself. It is a shock because it cracks the fixed habits of conditioned thinking which loudly insists upon contriving a way out. But the conditioned mind is in utter darkness about the way out. Awareness is healthy because it sets into motion the power and clarity of the Supermind.  

The way to success:

1. Stand aside from yourself and watch your reactions.

2. Don't resist, condemn, or seek to change the reaction, but gently watch it come and go. That is all you can do, merely watch, be aware. Don't call them your own thoughts, for they are not. They are foreign intruders who seek to force themselves upon you. They have no real power whatsoever. In  time exterior events will lose their ability to hurt, frighten or puzzle. Repeat these two steps every time unpleasant things occurs. You will realize that these are not something to fight, only something to understand.

How to be in command:

You are in command of everything that is below your own Psychic level. If you are above cruelty in yourself, you cannot be commanded by the cruelty of others. If your level is higher than hysteria, you are immune to mass hysteria of mankind, expressing itself in fighting and deceit.

In the Outer world people may seem to exert command or control over you, but no one can control your mental reactions to outer events. Nothing in the Outer world can touch a man living fully from his inner world. 

A situation becomes what the mind calls it. But what happens if the conditioned mind refuses to call it either good or bad? It simply becomes a neutral event without power to harm or to give temporary excitement followed by the inevitable swing over to gloom. And how do you know whether the Universe is protecting you from an accident about to occur ahead on your destination, and so your car doesn't run for you?  Can you accept that we live in a YES Universe?  Everything we choose, the Universe says YES to it. It doesn't judge your request.  Can you accept that what you give out returns back to you? Multiplied.? 

You perceive the world in terms of ego goals. These goals have nothing to do with your best interests, because the ego is not you.  This false identification is what causes you faulty perceptions.  

An ego less man has nothing to defend, therefore cannot be upset.

A man shows his character just in the way in which he deals with truffles, for he is off guard. 

Boundless egoism and total lack of consideration for others is like a hard chunk of ice floating down the river, constantly colliding with other chunks of ice.



We become stronger EMOTIONALLY by facing our fears, feeling them fully, and moving on. If we don't resolve our emotional issues, we keep attracting repeat occurrences, similar relationships with the same kinds of patterns, getting fired from multiple different jobs, having the same argument with others, over and over again.

We can be addicted in many ways. We choose some type of numbing agent, to relieve our situations, both chemical or behavioral. We do this because of the emotions we are not willing to face. The pleasure of the distraction feels good, but so does the escape, the relief from not having to feel the painful feelings pushed down deep inside. But these feelings are never fully buried. When we are running from our feelings, it's usually because we are feeling them to a certain extent. That's why we start running in the first place. Yet as hard as it can be to feel these emotions, it's so much easier if you understand they won't hurt or feel uncomfortable forever. The energy of emotions is like a storm. It runs its course and then it's fine. But only if we let ourselves feel those emotions fully. 

It's also easier to feel emotions when we realize there's no logic to them, that we don't need to get tangled in making sense of them. We just need to feel them, accept that they may make us feel a bit crazy, and know that the pain, discomfort, and craziness will pass. Young kids don't hide their emotions. They simply react, feel the emotion and let it go.

Sometimes, very small things can cause huge upsets inside. This is because underneath the exterior situation, you internally feel that it means you're not good enough, and you don't want to face that feeling. Yet if you were to look deep, and face that underlying feeling of pain and fear, it would release fully, completely, and permanently. And the next time this situation occurred, you would not even notice it occurred. Also, when you no longer have a "button" about something, you stop attracting situations that will push your buttons.

But usually, most people don't tune in to their feelings at the deepest levels. Usually, it's "You made me feel...." and How could you be so selfish? We blame others, project onto others, because feeling the truth is painful, and we are wired to avoid pain. This cycle of avoidance and blaming others repeats until we heal it, and release it. 

Emotions may affect physical healing. If you have a health issue that you want to heal, it's common to layer on top of that issue all sorts of things that can make healing even harder. All negative emotions about this issue can block healing. 

If you can let go of shame, anger, blame, and so on you can increase your body's healing process. The first step in healing is to make peace with the emotional anguish about having a health condition and the emotional need for it to heal.



1. Find the Feeling. All feelings manifest in some part of your body. Think about the situation that's upsetting you, and notice where in your body the feeling is the 

strongest. Perhaps your chest, stomach, hands, head, or anywhere else in your body.

2. Give It Attention. Instead of distracting yourself from the feeling, or try to mentally solve the problem, just be present to the physical sensation of the feeling in your body.

3. Be Unconditionally Loving or Accepting. This feeling is here? It's a fact. It won't be here forever. For now, as long as it's here anyway, accept it. And if possible, send that feeling love.

4. Focus on the Eye of the Storm. Inside the feeling in your body, there's an area of greatest intensity. Put your attention on that area and stay present to it, in an unconditionally loving or accepting way.

6. Get to Peace. Stay with the feeling. Let it live, breathe, and grow. Let it move around if it needs to. Keep your attention on the most intense part in an unconditionally loving way. And eventually you will be at peace.'s like an oil candle; the fuel needs oxygen to burn, but once the fuels burned out, it's gone. Your attention is the oxygen and the feeling is the fuel. We never know how much fuel there is in there. It could be gone in seconds, or minutes. 

6. Get to Peace. Stay with the feeling. Let it live, breathe, and grow. Let it move around if it needs to. Keep your attention on the most intense part in an unconditionally living way. And eventually you will be at peace.

7. Enjoy Permanent Peace. After the feeling that's been troubling you has run its course, you will be left feeling neutral. That's peace. You might also be filled with joy or love.

To make sure you've cleared the negative feelings completely, think about the situation, problem, or fear that was bothering you. Notice whether you feel anything other than peace, love or joy. If you do, repeat this process. Sometimes there are several layers that need to be processed.