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**Relieve any health symptom**

By using a combination of acupressure and sound therapy.

 Would you desire regaining healthy blood pressure  (an 140 page ebook) or losing weight (a 80 page ebook)  or reversing the  signs of ageing? (a 150 page ebook). 

  Included  is a highly advanced app for your iphone or android, which allows users  to combine both acupressure and sound healing to treat a wide range of  common ailments. This is more than an effective healing tool for the  mind.  

  Sound therapy helps restore the body to  optimal health, balance and function. Using the science of entrainment ,  therapeutic frequencies permeate the body's organs and tissues  promoting healthy cell function and supporting the body's natural  healing abilities. 

  I received an email about  this product and tried it. It is truly a "must have" product. It is  everything it says it is. ...Jeanette Greywolf   


Resonance  is the most important healing principle of sound and music. It  designates the ability of a vibration to reach out through vibrational  waves to set off a similar vibration in another body. Every cell in our  body is a sound resonator. It has the capacity of responding to any  sound outside of it. Every organ in which cells of like vibrations have  gathered to form that organ , will respond as a group to a particular  sound vibrations.

The  various systems in the body will also respond to sound vibrations, as  will emotional , mental and spiritual States of Consciousness.  The  human body is a bio-electrical system which can be altered, strengthened  and balanced through the use of sound.  FORCED RESONANCE occurs when  two energy systems (including people, etc.) have different frequencies,  and the stronger is transmitted to the other by force, (through THOUGHTS  both positive and negative in intent). Many forms and manifestations of  cult activity or even of a negative individual who intends you harm due  to their anger, jealousy, or stupidity , can manipulate and abuse mind  power.  Some people can feel this kind of attack on their bodies, and  immediately REFUSE IT. But the stronger WILL is transmitted to the  weaker one. 

The  subconscious mind is the mechanism through which thought impulses which  are repeated regularly with feeling and emotion are quickened, charged,  and changed into their physical equivalent. Your subconscious accepts  what is impressed upon it with feeling and emotion whether these  thoughts are positive or negative. It does not evaluate things like your  conscious mind does, and it does not argue with you. The subconscious  mind never sleeps, the conscious mind does . When the conscious mind  sleeps, the protective gate to the subconscious mind is left unguarded.  And there are some people and forces that use this to what they consider  their advantage. They forget that Karma is the Cosmic Leveler, and it  is minutely, precisely accurate and always operating. 

I  use the Natural Synergy phone app during the day whenever a negative  mood or dis-ease (not feeling well)  enters my consciousness and I  become aware of it. It is amazing how effective this works to cleanse my  body's energy fields.  And just before going to sleep I run the Chi  Meridians using the phone app. and also the OM vibration and other  resources on the app.  It only takes a few minutes to do this, and it is  effortless. In the morning I listen to the Meridian Tones and the  Brainwave frequencies of Beta, Alha, Theta, Delta and the  6 Solfeggio  frequencies and the Universal frequencies of the Schumann Resonance and  another of Om Chanting. Plus there is so much more on this app.